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By: Life Styles Club  09-12-2011
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Many cheap hosting companies may advertise for unlimited space, only to demand that you upgrade your subscription or be shut down once you reach a certain size and traffic level.

Economically, these demands make sense: a business can't expect to make profits by handing out megabytes per second of bandwidth for free. This is where the 'cheap' comes in; most cheap web hosting companies aren't cheap at all; they just do their best to hide the reality of the cost from you until it's too late. You get what you pay for.

The main things you sacrifice by going with a cheap web hosting company are customer service, quality, and transparency:

  1. Setup fees
    Many web hosting companies will hide the fact that there are setup fees at all somewhere down in the fine print.

  2. Limits on File Size
    Sure, they advertised unlimited site storage. But what about file storage? Another common tactic cheap web hosting companies use is charging an inordinate amount for files that exceed approved size range.

    Cheap web hosts are like pre-paid cell phone distributors: great if you understand your limitations, and can work within them; devastating thieves if you fail to read through the fine print and exceed your allowances.
  3. Bad Uptime Guarantees
    When you're paying for web hosting, you expect reliability and online access, right? Not with these guys. Your site's uptime may be restricted to certain times of the day or night, making them largely useless; while your "host" is out cashing your check.

  4. Additional Charges
    No matter what business you're in, if you exceed your budget, you're going to be in trouble. All web hosting companies will impart charges to you for excessive transfer capabilities; it costs the business, so it costs you - but once again, you weren't told. You've put months worth of work into getting your site off the ground, and now you find out that if you are to go any further in site expansion, you'll have to sell you monitor to afford it.

  5. Limited technical support

It is important to understand the sacrifices in quality of connection, customer service, and services when opting for a cheap web hosting service; what at first seems like a deal from one human being to another turns out to be a vicious ploy to get you heavily invested in a site, and then stick you with surcharges left and right. It is an old trick, and will never die so long as people keep falling for it.

At LifestylesClub, we provide quality web hosting at reasonable prices for people who have businesses to run. We provide quick, reliable customer service at all times, and our billing methods are thoroughly transparent and easy to understand. Get connected with LifestylesClub. Connect with quality. 

Keywords: cheap web hosting, Web Hosting, Web Hosting Companies

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