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By: Life Styles Club  09-12-2011
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There is a dispute behind the scenes of web development over whether design or content are more important. At LifestylesClub, we have set the rhetoric of this argument aside, and set ourselves to providing businesses seeking online presence with an integrated approach that holds neither content nor design supreme.

  • First, our SEO (search engine optimization) writers compose relevant, visible content that both prospective clients and search engines can read, so that your site is optimized to rank highly on directories, search index results, and consumers' minds alike.
  • Our programmers write code in HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL, and ASP/MS Access code languages, as needed for site functionality.
  • With this content in hand, and based in this code, our designers conceive and create a highly functional, aesthetically pleasing user-interface environment for the information to be viewed in.
  • Finally, our programmers and developers work together to implement your new site onto the World Wide Web via our cross-platform web hosting system.

Under our management, your site will bring new traffic to your business, reach more individuals, and connect to other, related companies for competitive advantage.

We Offer:

  • Award winning creative design solutions
  • HTML and DHTML coding and page construction
  • Flash development and animation
  • Java and JavaScript interactivity
  • PHP/MySQL programming
  • ASP/MS Access programming
  • Full streaming Audio and Video
  • Full e-commerce, shopping cart and database programming capabilities

Keywords: Programming, search engines, Search Index, Web Hosting,

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