New Zealand Retreat for Soul-filled Women

By: Life Design Strategies  09-12-2011

~ A Retreat For Your Soul ~
6 days - March 1 - 6, 2012

When did you last take sacred time for yourself .. to nourish, nurture, and connect with your deepest passions and sacred feminine gifts?


  • Nurturing yourself in absolute beauty, solitude and enchantment
  • Connecting with other soulful women to discover, support and celebrate together.
  • Experiencing the magic and wisdom of the indigenous New Zealand Maori culture.
  • Learning how to create sacred space and connecting to your passions while experiencing the transformation it brings.
  • Add and sharpen powerful tools in your intuitive feminine tool-kit.

We invite you to unplug from your day-to-day busyness and immerse yourself in sacred beauty and Soul nourishment.  Rediscover the part of you who has been patiently waiting to be remembered and nurtured as you have cared for and nurtured everyone else. 

Embrace your divine feminine energy and connect with other soulful women, allowing your Self to be seen in a safe and loving environment, surrounded by incredible natural beauty, enchantment and solitude.  Set aside your day-to-day routine and distractions and return “home”.  

Reconnect to your Soul.  Refuel and renew yourself, as you soak in the warmth of the March sun, nourishing your body with healthy food, embracing the beautiful woman that you are in one of the most enchanting and sacred places in the world.

In these six soul-filled days you will:

If you are one of those who say: "I've always wanted to visit New Zealand", what could be better than experiencing transformation as you explore your inner and outer Self? And what better time than now?

Be prepared for a transformation. I have shifted the center of my world from a place of just doing the best that I can to a place of having the power to create my life. A world of thanks for helping me make this powerful change, Vicky! ~ Jane Mack, Texas

Before coaching with Cindy

I was doing a lot of reading and researching and trying to 'figure out' the way forward in my life. I kept reading about spirituality, but I was intellectualizing it rather than living the things I was reading. And then I'd beat myself up for my life not working out the way I wanted it to!

I came up against the same roadblocks over and over again

-- relationships not working out, work not being satisfying, etc. -- and I couldn't seem to stop falling into self pity. With Cindy 'holding the space' for me to learn to love and forgive myself, I find it much easier to live in gratitude and to notice all the wonderful parts of my life.

Something magical happens then -- even better things seem to take place!


Kathy McVey, New Zealand

Retreat Schedule (tentative)

Thursday night
Opening Circle and Igniting the Goddess Energy
Sacred Releasing Ceremony
Goddess Gift Bags
Welcome dinner

Heart Awakening Ceremony
Sacred Empowerment Ritual
Journaling with Source

Unleash your passions and ignite your spirit
Engage the energy of the labyrinth.. a walking meditation
Unlock and reconnect to your intuition

Experience the healing powers of the indigenous Maori
Learn to make delicious green smoothies - nature's power food
Tapping into your inner guidance system

Body and Soul nourishing in nature
Sacred Elemental Journey
Free Time for Inner Exploration

Use SoulCollage to anchor your future self
Journaling to access the wisdom of your cards
Sacred Closing Circle

I came to the retreat to get back in touch with who I really am, without the distraction of everyday stresses. I accomplished that and more. I feel lighter and happier than I have in a very long time. The retreat certainly exceeded my expectations. Connecting with the other women and the synergy we developed was magical. This was definitely one of the top 5 experiences of my life. I'd absolutely recommend a retreat with Vicky to other women. -- Janie Mabe, Virginia

Retreat Leader Bios

Cindy Prosor, "Transformation Expert" and founder of Opening Doors Within, has been helping women drop out of their heads and into their hearts - transforming fear, doubt and struggle into confidence, trust and joy for over 10 years. 

A Northern California native now living in New Zealand, Cindy works with women all around the world.  Cindy has a open, gentle and warm way of working with her clients.  Her extremely intuitive nature allows her to quickly pick up on what’s going on. She is gifted at peeling back the layers, allowing her clients to heal and shift in profound and deep ways.

Cindy’s passion is shifting the resonance of the planet from a world of fear, separation and domination to more love, connection and co-creation. She offers coaching programs, teleclasses, live workshops and retreats. Cindy’s client’s have called her work “Revolutionary”.

Cindy’s degrees and certifications include Early Childhood Education, Special Needs Teacher, Certified Professional Co-Active (Life) Coach and Professional Feng Shui Consultant. Cindy has studied metaphysics and spirituality with Luanne Oakes and Leza Danly for over 20 years.

Cindy lives between her beach side home in Gisborne, New Zealand and her Northern California lake side cottage with her husband Larry.  She has two adult children. 

Cindy’s own healing, happiness and life is a reflection of her work and her most potent credential.

Vicky White, "The Inner Feng Shui Coach" and founder of Life Design Strategies has been helping women navigate the transformation mid-life brings, to create extraordinary lives of passion, purpose and adventure, for over ten years. Vicky is an award winning photographer, a writer, explorer and creator. She's a Kiwi who lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Known for her ability to inspire women to claim their greatness, She shares powerful tools to help women step into their feminine power, and align who they are be-ing with their deepest desires and purpose.

Vicky offers teleclasses, coaching programs, in-person retreats and other resources to support the flourishing of brilliance and possibility.

She’s passionate about supporting women to discover their unique gifts and the difference they are here to make because not only is this the missing piece for many women in mid-life, but for the planet to evolve we need to bring forth feminine qualities to balance the masculine ones we’ve been living with.

Vicky is a coach, Feng Shui Consultant, Passion Test Facilitator, Sacred Gifts Facilitator and SoulCollage® Facilitator. She has spent her whole adult life following her passion for adventure - both inner and outer, travelling to many different countries and studying with many different teachers to discover tools she can combine in unique ways and share with her clients.

Vicky is a New Zealander who in following her passion to live near water, discovered living ON water was even better. She now lives on a float home on the Fraser River in Vancouver, Canada.  With a passion for travel and staying warm, she spends Canadian winters in New Zealand, where she offers retreats and runs her business from beautiful locations.

.. I had a great first session with Cindy yesterday and already I see my heart opening up so much more for my clients and myself. We laughed, cried (well I cried) and beat the bushes for the truth and reconnected me to my heart and moved me out of my head in a way I could never have expected so quickly. I'm so grateful to be working with Cindy, as she is such a Master of the Heart! ~Nattacia Mantei, Health Crisis Coach, Alberta, Canada

This retreat with Vicky was the best thing I've done for myself, ever! I arrived with a question about whether to stay at or go from my current job. Not only did I receive the answer, I gleaned powerful guidance as to what is next for me career-wise. I am most grateful. Would I recommend this retreat to other women? Absolutely.                 

~Vickie Sargent, California

Retreat Location

Creating A Sacred Life ~ A Retreat For Your Soul , takes place just outside the city of Gisborne, on the magical East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand.  This magical coastline is best known for its beautiful beaches, world-class surfing, fresh local produce, fish and wine, spirituality and tranquility.  It is the birthplace of the sun, making it the first city in the world to see the new day.  Add to this the rich Maori heritage, experiencing a spiritual essence and magic you will not find anywhere else in the world. 

Tuamotu Retreat Centre

Surrounded by green rolling hillsides, sitting high on a ridgeline overlooking the blue Pacific Ocean, Tuamotu Retreat Centre beckons inner peace and tranquillity.  Named for a small distant island in the native Maori language, it is an island of serenity and beauty.  Powered by the sun and wind with clear rainwater collected for drinking, Tuamotu harnesses the elements creating a fully independent, “off-the-grid” environment.  Organic vegetables and fruit grown on site nourish our body as the setting nourishes our spirit.

Choose to relax by the reflection pond or sit in one of the many private nooks around the centre as you deepen your connection within.  Or, take a leisurely stroll along the winding pathways on the property taking in the beautiful sights and natural beauty surrounding this sacred area.

In this often busy and chaotic life of ours, come share in the peace and clarity of what is the essence of life at Tuamotu, New Zealand.  First to see the sunrise of a new day and first to reflect back on all the good things that tomorrow brings.

Here's where you'll be staying!

You can share a room at The Emerald, or talk to us about other options when you register.

Gisborne is off the beaten track, so you'll be experiencing a magical energy here that many tourists never get to experience. Some New Zealanders too!

Vicky helped me see who I needed TO BE to have the life I want. For the last 5 years I have relentlessly read almost every book, watched the videos, and listened to the tapes on how to manifest your desired life. These tools were helpful in manifesting the small stuff. But I didn't have the fundamentals of who I needed to BE to connect it all together. Vicky has enabled me to become more clear about what I want, who I need TO BE, and have the tools to manifest my desires. Without Vicky's coaching, it would have taken me another 3 to 5 years to manifest my intentions. ~ Laurie Wilk, CA

Cindy's approach is quite different than anything else I've tried. She has helped me get to the core so I could heal myself from within. She has given me tools and information to heal my wounds, forgive my past, learn from my experiences, reclaim myself and powerfully move forward in my life.

Today, I stand in my power, taking full authority for my life.

I have created boundaries where necessary and can say "no" and mean it when it's the best choice for me. Because I have a new and healthier respect for myself,

my family now looks to me for leadership.

I am far stronger and more confident. My relationship with my partner has shifted too. I feel empowered, in charge and excited about the future! ~

Diane Robertson - Hospitality Training and Consulting

Are you ready? Bring a friend, your Mom/Mum, sister, or come by yourself and meet women you'll become friends with for years!

Sign me up!

Retreat Dates ~ March 1-6, 2012
Arrive in time for the opening circle and dinner on March 1. Leave after closing circle and dinner on March 6, 2012.

Location ~ Wainui Beach, on the outskirts of Gisborne, New Zealand.

Retreat Investment - lodgings and some meals are extra

Installment plan - before December 15, 2011
3 payments of $399 NZ (payments 30 days apart)

Meals ~ Five gourmet lunches, snacks and two dinners are included in your retreat package.

NOTE: The work begins with your commitment. There will be pre-work. We are keeping the investment super low for this powerful event. And offering an installment plan to make it super easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy? Your deposit ($297.00 NZ) is non-refundable, sorry. We do this because there are only 14 spots available for participants in this retreat and we want to know you are committed to attending. The remainder of your payment is refundable until December 30, 2011. After that, it will be refundable if we fill your spot.

New Zealand is a long way to come for one week - what else can I do there? New Zealand is an amazing country with an enormous variety in a small space. We are happy to give you recommendations - from the Art Deco Festival in Napier in mid February which we'd both highly recommend if you're here then, to the spectacular beauty of the Milford area. From tramping (called 'hiking' in Nth America) to kayaking, exciting train journeys, the cafe scene in Wellington or exploring hundreds of miles of pristine coastline, you'll have an unforgettable experience in New Zealand with this retreat and the warm welcome you'll undoubtably receive from New Zealanders. You won't want to leave!

This could be you!
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