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By: Life Design Strategies  09-12-2011

If you are ready to discover your authentic self, what you are here to do in the world and how to attract effortless abundance in all areas of your life, there is something here for you.

Here are some suggestions for where to start.

Discover your Passions

Discover your Sacred Gifts

More information coming.

ReEnergize Your Life: Transformation from the Inside Out

Let go of excess weight, increase your energy, gain clarity, feel healthier and look younger. This 4-week action group will introduce you to the world of raw food. Beginning with a gentle 7-day detox, you'll then be asked to add just one thing to your diet each day for the remainder of the program. As you lighten your body, you'll experience transformation in other areas of your life too. Next program begins October 2011. Watch this space for more information.

2-day VIP Coaching Retreat

Creating Your Sacred Life: 5-day retreat in New Zealand

Keep watching this space for additions.

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find purpose, passion and meaning in the next 50 years - passiontest

What an amazing process the Passion Test is, and all the more powerful with the insight and compassion I received from Vicky. Studies show those who achieve enduring success are all passionate about what they are doing. When you are clear, you will attract what you want, but only to the degree you are clear". Imagine a life where you are motivated and inspired to choose in favor of your passions.


New Zealand Retreat for Soul-filled Women

Vicky White, "The Inner Feng Shui Coach" and founder of Life Design Strategies has been helping women navigate the transformation mid-life brings, to create extraordinary lives of passion, purpose and adventure, for over ten years. If you are one of those who say: "I've always wanted to visit New Zealand", what could be better than experiencing transformation as you explore your inner and outer Self.


Feng Shui - Map the Bagua

The Bagua mapped accurately on your floor plan, so you know exactly where different aspects of your life are represented in your home or workspace and know where to look for stuck energy and where to place enhancements if something isn’t flowing as well as you’d like. The Bagua gives you a blueprint and success formula to enhance each of the nine significant areas of your life - love, prosperity, career, health, creativity, knowledge etc.


find purpose, passion and meaning in the next 50 years

When you align your intentions, values, strengths, action and environment then attracting what you need to live a life of passion, purpose and meaning becomes effortless. I am passionate in supporting you in using Feng Shui on an inner and outer level as it's such a powerful tool for transformation. These services will support you in embodying the principles of InnerFeng Shui in your life.


find purpose, passion and meaning in the next 50 years - floorplan

When I first learned about Feng Shui I figured out where the Wealth & Prosperity area in my home was, but I had no idea how to map the Bagua accurately - what to do with the garage or the missing areas. I highly recommend a floor plan assessment to anyone who is ready to "take it to the next level" - in relationships, health, professional endeavors, self-awareness.