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By: Life Design Strategies  09-12-2011

Who would YOU be if you lived your life
from a place of passion and purpose?

Studies show those who achieve enduring success are all passionate about what they are doing. Yet 4 out of 5 working Americans are unhappy, unfulfilled and dissatisfied. Only 20% of Americans are living a passionate life! I'm sure it's similar in other countries.

Is this you?

  • You've laid awake at night wondering what you're meant to be doing.
  • You have trouble making decisions about your life.
  • You're not so excited about your life.
  • You know there has to be more, but what?
  • You have trouble committing to a course of action - what if it's the wrong one?
  • You get affected by what other people think you should be doing.

Imagine a life where you are motivated and inspired to choose in favor of your passions. Living a life filled with everything you care about.

When you know your passions you have a road map to your destiny. Making choices based on your passions leads straight to success, flow and abundance. The Universe wants for you, exactly what your heart is calling out for.

If you're not super clear on what you are most passionate about you're in a place of limbo, where you're wondering what you're here to do and where you're supposed to be.

Hello, I'm Vicky White. I'm passionate about the PassionTest! Doing the Passion Test is what propelled me out of living in a condo, to buying my houseboat on the Fraser River in Vancouver.

When I discovered living near water was my #3 passion, I set out to see if it was indeed out of my reach as I had assumed it was. Within two weeks I had bought a houseboat - and this is something I had never even considered. It's like the heavens aligned!

I cannot even tell you how over the top excited I was! And I still am - I live in my dream home! Identifying my top 5 passions was life changing for me and I've seen people create miracles once they were clear.

"When you are clear, you will attract what you want, but only to the degree you are clear". -- Janet Attwood

Want help discovering what YOU are most passionate about?

What an amazing process the Passion Test is, and all the more powerful with the insight and compassion I received from Vicky.  I was blown away with my results, never did I expect my top passions to be what they were.  Vicky has a way of helping you to dig deep, to find what you are truly passionate about.  I thoroughly recommend doing this work with her. -- – Donna McRae, BC, Canada


         The Passion Test™: The Effortless Path
to Discovering Your Life Purpose.
         In just TWO 1:1 coaching calls with me
you'll get the following:

  • I'll help you clarify the things that are most important to you right now - the things you are most passionate about.
  • Your passion score - how closely your present life is aligned with your passions.
  • You will create guideposts or signs for each passion, that you can use to know whether you're on track to living a purposeful life. They map the route to your passions.
  • You'll have tools to use when you run up against challenges or obstacles.
  • I'll give you a strategy you can use for the rest of your life for aligning with your passions.

Passions are right from the heart - they're what your soul is calling out for. When you are taking action in alignment with your passions - you'll be tapping right into the power of the Law of Attraction. You'll attract more of what you want. It's very simple.

I didn’t think I had any passions.  I had gotten so focused on grinding away at life that I had stuffed them down.  Turns out I’m a person with a lot of passions!  I’d absolutely recommend other women do this work.  There is no other choice in life than to live your passions and feed your soul.  This is where I tapped into my dreams and learned to really like myself. -– Joan Lohmann, WA

What about you?

Can you put a price on something that has the power to change your life and connect you to your purpose? It's knowing your passions that gives you crystal clarity about who you are and what you're here to do. It's living your passions that brings you love, joy and abundance.


This work is the foundation of everything else and I'm so excited to be offering this to you.

Listen to your heart - you'll know if this is right for you.

My personal guarantee!

I'm 100% confident

that you'll discover what you are most passionate about and how to translate that into creating a life you love. One full of meaning. If you are not happy with what you gain in our time together I will refund your money out of my own pocket.


Let's DO THIS!

  ~ Two one-to-one calls with Vicky ~One payment of $347 US

NOTE: After your purchase you'll receive the information for your Passion Test™.

This is without doubt the most powerful gift you can give yourself. Before I work with anyone I take them through the Passion Test™ - it's that important!

Vicky White
Certified Passion Test™ Facilitator

PS. When you register you'll receive the information you need to schedule your calls and prepare for your first call. I'm looking forward helping you discover the missing link to live a passion filled life!

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