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By: Life Design Strategies  09-12-2011
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Feng Shui Floor Plan Assessment

Is your environment supporting your success or working against you?

The Law of Attraction is working in your life right now. You are either intentionally attracting what you want or you are attracting by default - not always what you want.

Do you suspect something could be blocking your success or keeping your prosperity from flowing as well as it could? Is something negatively impacting your health or relationships?

Or perhaps you'd like to ensure the energy in your home is playing its part in fully supporting your sucess so you can live in harmony and attract more of what you do want.

Perhaps you've read a couple of books and have become confused by teachings from the different schools of Feng Shui.

I know what it's like. When I first learned about Feng Shui I figured out where the Wealth & Prosperity area in my home was, but I had no idea how to map the Bagua accurately - what to do with the garage or the missing areas. And I didn't know what to look for or where to begin in looking for energy blocks in the layout of my home. I needed some 'feng shui' eyes to see what was invisible to me.

That's why I decided to train to be a certified Feng Shui consultant. But you don't need to do that. I can help you create a harmonious environment where all aspects of your life will be supported.

How can reorganizing the same items I had in my house cause so much action. I still don't understand how it works, but it obviously does. I purchased your ebook, had a Consultation and changed a couple of things around the house. Other than that I have no other explanation. All I know is that business was slow and now it's not. Remember I mentioned that I wanted to travel.. I 've been invited to travel to Argentina with my former co-workers. My friend's husband didn't want to go, and since the room has been fully paid for by the company I won't have to pay anything to stay at a 5-star hotel. This works!--Judy Quinones Hicks, Puerto Rico

Create an environment of success. The Law of Attraction states that the energy you're putting out into the world determines what you get back. If there are energy blocks in your environment, that will make attracting what you want a struggle. Feng Shui gives you the tools to ensure the energy in your home, and therefore within you, is in alignment with what you are intending to attract.

Are these the results you want?

  • Feng Shui tools and strategies you feel confident using.
  • Energy blocks removed from your home or workspace.
  • An environment that supports your success rather than working against you.
  • Increased abundance in all areas of your life.

I learned that my career area is outside the house in the weed-infested front yard. The helpful people and travel area is in the garage and the relationship area is in the laundry room. With Vicky's recommendations my business has picked up. I highly recommend a floor plan assessment to anyone who is ready to "take it to the next level" - in relationships, health, professional endeavors, self-awareness; the possibilities are endless. Feng shui is practical and results-oriented. It has changed my life!-- Kathy Foulser, IL

Floor Plan Assessment

For when you want to ensure your home or work space is supporting your success, not working against you.

This is what you get:

  • The Bagua mapped accurately on your floor plan, so you know exactly where different aspects of your life are represented in your home or workspace and know where to look for stuck energy if something isn’t flowing as well as you’d like.
  • A downloadable Bagua Map you can carry around for easy reference.
  • A written assessment addressing issues your floor plan presents that are either affecting your prosperity, health and well-being now, or could affect your life in the future. I will suggest simple and inexpensive remedies for you.
  • Specific areas of your home to focus on and where to place enhancements in order to support YOUR particular goals.
  • The ebook: Your Secret Weapon: Powerful Feng Shui Tools to give your business the Competitive Edge - A nine page special report. You will learn powerful Feng Shui tips to boost the success and prosperity of your business.
  • Feng Shui simplified. If you've read several Feng Shui books and are completely confused, you are in good company. This assessment will simplify Feng Shui for you and teach you practical ways to apply Feng Shui principles in your home or office.

I wanted to find out how I could enhance the wealth and prosperity corner of my house and unblock the stagnation that seems to have manifested with my finances. Your suggestions were very useful and the best part was learning practical ways I could work with my environment without going into a major remodel of an old house.-- Susan Parker, WA

And also...

Here's your chance to ensure nothing in the physical layout of your home or office is working against you. Ensure your environment is supporting the Law of Attraction in bringing you the prosperity, health and well-being you want and deserve.

A Floor Plan Assessment will give you powerful tools to boost your prosperity, improve your health, enhance your relationships and upgrade any area of your life.

I was "stuck". Our home had been on the market for almost two years and this was stopping me moving on with my life. Vicky helped me clarify my intention and balance the energy in our home. Within weeks of implementing the full "Attraction" principles, my husband and I received our "perfect" offer---exactly what I had asked for! I highly recommend working with Vicky if you want to turn your desires into results!-- Lauri di Noto, CA

How it works:

  • I'll send you simple directions for sketching your floor plan. You then fax or mail it back to me. People often find the process of sketching their floor plan begins the whole process of change and signals to the Universe they are ready to have what they want.
  • I will also ask you for some information about the areas of your life you are wanting to enhance, and anything you are concerned about in your home. Feng Shui will support you in creating the life you want
  • You will receive my written report with recommendations within 7 days of receiving your information.

Floor Plan Assessment  

Written Assessment of your home with recommendations to create an environment that will support you.

Bagua Mapped on your floor Plan

Bagua Map you can print and refer to

Resource Manual: Creating an Environment of Support with Feng Shui

Ebook: Your Secret Weapon: Powerful Feng Shui Tools to Give your Business the Competitive Edge

Purchase Here $397 US

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