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By: Life Design Strategies  09-12-2011
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Discover the energy centers
in your home or workspace!

Tap into the power of the Bagua
to boost your prosperity, improve your health,
enhance your relationships... and more.


Have you ever had an astrology reading or been to a psychic? Suddenly a whole lot of things start to make sense. It's as if the person knows things about you they couldn't possibly know.

It's a bit like that with the Bagua in Feng Shui. When you discover where the different areas of your life are represented in your home, you'll have a new awareness of your life. Suddenly you'll recognize why some things might have been challenging.

The Bagua gives you a blueprint and success formula to enhance each of the nine significant areas of your life - love, prosperity, career, health, creativity, knowledge etc. Each of these life areas has a corresponding energy center within your home. Once you know where they are, you can focus on boosting the energy in specific areas to manifest your dreams and goals.

Are you confused about the different Feng Shui Consultations? Here is a brief summary of the two most popular ones:

A Bagua Mapping is a great first step and the basis of all Feng Shui adjustments. Want to enhance a specific aspect of your life - your health or your finances for example? The Bagua Mapping will show you where in your home to start decluttering, and where to place enhancements for the greatest results.

Mapping the Bagua accurately provides the key. You'll then have a wealth of information you can use. You may even recognize similar energy patterns in other homes you've lived in, which might explain a lot.

You could map your own Bagua, but it can be confusing. Let's face it, most homes are not square or rectangular and there's lots to take into account. As a certified Feng Shui consultant I can cut through the confusion so you know for sure where the specific areas of your life are represented in your home. You can feel confident you're working with accurate information.

Most homes have missing areas. If your home is not perfectly rectangular or square it means there are parts of your life not being energized. I'll show you how to address those areas so your space has integrity.

I follow the Form School, which was the original system of Feng Shui. I find the Form School the easiest for clients to understand and use and it's well suited to our Western lives. The Bagua is mapped according to the position of your front door.

Once you know you have the Bagua mapped accurately you'll know where to focus your attention to start moving towards the life you want in a powerful way. This is where inner and outer Feng Shui come together.

Even though I was familiar with Feng Shui and had applied the principles in my previous homes, my latest home purchase proved to be more than I could figure out. Vicky helped me determine the correct placement of the Bagua. I had been using the wrong door as my entry point - putting everything in the wrong spot - especially my wealth and prosperity corner. With her insight, I now have the Bagua accurately placed, and am able to really focus on those areas which need help. Vicky’s approach demystifies Feng Shui and makes it a solution for anyone. -- Cindy Brock, GA

This is what you get:

  • The Bagua mapped accurately on your floor plan, so you know exactly where different aspects of your life are represented in your home or workspace and know where to look for stuck energy and where to place enhancements if something isn’t flowing as well as you’d like.
  • A Bagua Map you can print and keep handy so you’ll never again be confused about where the prosperity area or any other area of your life is represented in your home.
  • Simple strategies for dealing with missing areas. If your home is not a perfect square or rectangle, you’ll know exactly what to do to ensure every part of your life is energized.
  • Enhancement suggestions for each area of the Bagua. Want to enhance any area of your life? Now you'll have some simple guidelines for empowering your environment and your life.
  • Tips for using this information to upgrade any area of your life.

If you order the Premium version you'll also receive:

Four additional Bagua Maps.

  • Bagua with questions for each area to help you hone in on the specific area to focus on to shift the energy.
  • Business Bagua to use in your workspace. Discover where different aspects of your business are represented.
  • Health Bagua - where specific parts of your body are represented in your home. If you are having any health challenges you'll know where to look for clues and which area to enhance.
  • Enhancement Bagua - enhancement suggestions and colors for each area of the Bagua. You'll refer to these forever! (Value $59)

Remember, the Bagua Mapping is a great first step in entering the world of Feng Shui. Starting here will give you a wealth of information and tools. And when you are ready to move on to a Floor Plan Assessment, I'll deduct the price of your Bagua Mapping.

Ready to order? This is how it works:

  • As soon as you purchase your Bagua Mapping you'll receive links toall your resources including enhancement suggestions for each area of the Bagua to help you attract what you want.
  • If you ordered the Premium version you'll receive a link to your Health, Business, Enhancement and Questions Baguas.

With the Bagua mapped accurately you'll have a wealth of information to work with. Get this wrong and you could create conflict and the changes you desire will be elusive.

If you have any questions, any questions at all,
please ask me here:

I look forward to working with you.

PS. Having your Bagua mapped accurately will give you a strong foundation in using Feng Shui to transform your life.

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Keywords: Feng Shui

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