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By: Liberty Stone  09-12-2011
Keywords: fences, Precast Concrete

Commercial Brick & Precast

Innovative design high quality materials, and the skills and craftmenship add years of classic beauty to your property.
Provide an impressive backdrop for your property.
Decorative precast concrete fences and walls are used for a variety of purposes, such as privacy, security, freeway sound barriers, and perimeter safety.
Our design philosophy dictates that all elements of every installation be heavy duty. The rigorous climactic conditions of Ontario have taught us that nothing less will do.

Residential Brick & Precast

Our staff are sensitive to your unique circumstances and style requirements.
Crown lintels over windows and doors and detailed cornice caps add an elegant stately look to any home.
Enjoy the luxery of the classical architectural features of precast concrete.
Balustrands and railing add architectural beauty while providing structural itegrity as handrails for stairs as well as safety rails for balconies.
We work efficiently and quietly, minimizing disruption and inconvenience to your property and privacy.

Decks and Fences

An idyllic spot for entertaining guests, hosting a family barbecue or just enjoyig your first coffee of the day, the patio is your own little piece of paradise. So sit back and relax.
Perfection is key to creating the outdoors space that you are looking for. Latticework fencing around patios and decks allow you the privacy you desire.
Many people are turning to gated wall community lifestyles. Steel ornamental fences not only increase security, they also enhance the beauty of the facilities and properties they surround.
Fences can be constructed in many different styles, and heights and can vary from four to eight feet or even higher for special applications to create a truly personal and unique backdrop for property.
Enjoy the privacy and security that they offer.

Asphalt Work

Driveways etc. - Strength and stability are the determining factors in the longevity and performance of a traffic bearing surface.
A first class paving job includes proper preperation and should last at least 10 years with routine care.
Parking Lots - Our determiniation towards quality enables us to provide our customers with an uncomprimised quality surface that will provide safe, smooth driving for many years.
First impression is the last impression, and we always want to make sure that the first impression is a good one.
A good paving job begins with a plan. Before we start, we know your job from start-to-finish. A thorough site inspection permits us to become familiar with the specific conditions of your property, and prevents costly surprises.

Keywords: fences, Precast Concrete