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By: Leverage Point  09-12-2011
Keywords: Management Consulting, leadership, Team Building

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Each organization is unique and we understand that customization can be an important part of successful training initiatives. For this reason, the following list is offered as a sample of the areas in which we have particular expertise and can work with you to create programs that fit your needs.

Understanding Generational Differences
Working with employees representing up to four different generational groups is a reality in many of our workplaces. Leverage Point Learning offers insights into the characteristics and attitudes of these four groups from many perspectives including leadership, employee engagement, and attraction.

Leadership Development
Self-awareness of one’s own strengths, opportunities, preferences and style is key to effective leadership. Leverage Point Learning helps leaders work on these areas in a variety of ways including the use of assessment tools such as the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i). This is combined with characteristics and attitudes associated with the four different generations and exercises that help leaders clarify their values and leadership philosophy.

Performance Management
Through an understanding of the leader’s and employee’s role in this process, the underlying philosophy behind performance management, and how to engage in meaningful discussions, organizations enable  employees to soar and contribute to the attainment of organizational objectives. Included are discussions about feedback, both positive and constructive, the power of meaningful recognition, and coaching.

Team Building
Working with intact teams, we design a series of interactive exercises and opportunities for discussion, geared at greater cohesiveness, enhanced communication, or any number of other desired outcomes. In each situation, we work collaboratively with you to custom design a session that meets your needs, time, and budget.

A seemingly simple concept, communication takes many forms, some more effective than others. We explore barriers and ways to enhance communication, communication preferences stemming from culture, personality, and generational group, and skills that can be used in high-risk or difficult situations.

Systems Thinking & Action Learning
Grounded in the philosophy that small changes can create a big impact, we take a systems approach to all the work we do to identify the changes that will help you create your desired work environment. This can be used to enable change efforts and look at problems in new ways. Especially valuable is the ability to foresee possible unintended outcomes and mitigate negative ones before they occur.

Keywords: leadership, Management Consulting, Team Building