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By: Les Huiles Norco  09-12-2011
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Oil Furnace (Warm Air): Reduce your heating costs by choosing a high-efficiency furnace equipped with a flame retention burner. We offer a wide selection of models to meet your needs, most of which are compatible with an add-on central air conditioner or heat pump.

Oil Furnace (Hot Water): Save dollars and space with a compact, energy-efficient, oil-fired boiler which meets the needs of today’s most demanding homeowners.

Dual Energy and Electric heating systems (warm air & hot water): Norco has everything you need to convert your oil heating system to dual energy or electricity. (Applicable to central warm air or hot water radiator systems – does not apply to homes converting to electric baseboards).

Oil-Fired Water Heaters: Do you regularly run out of hot water? An oil-fired water heater may be the solution. With ultra rapid heat recovery you have a constant flow of hot water. Purchase or rental plans are available.

Electric Water Heaters: Looking to convert your existing oil-fired water heater to electricity or to replace a defective electric water heater? Our standard electric water heaters are available in 40 or 60 gallon models.

Oil Burners: Equipped with a flame retention head, our new models provide a hotter flame for better combustion, resulting in considerable savings!

Oil Tanks: Is your oil tank more than 20 years old? As a preventive measure, Norco offers you a wide selection of new oil tanks that are in compliance with all new building codes and home insurance requirements. The new metal tanks are thicker, more durable and environmentally friendly. For added environmental protection, double-wall tanks are also available.

Central Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps: For homes equipped with a central warm air heating system, we can easily install a central air conditioner or heat pump at a reasonable cost. Heat pumps are eligible for the dual energy program providing electric heat in the winter as well as central air conditioning in the summer with the added benefit of the preferential dual energy Hydro-Québec DT rate.

Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners: Ideal for homes without air ducts, we can install a modern mural air conditioner with remote control. These systems are very quiet and offer a level of comfort vastly superior to the old window units.

Other products:

• Heating/Cooling universal thermostats (manual and programmable)
• Stainless steel chimney liners
• Air purifiers & Humidifiers

Flexible payment plans and financing options are available on all equipment purchases. Call us for a free estimate!

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Keywords: Heat Pumps, Heating System, Oil, WATER HEATER

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Les Huiles Norco -heating oil distributor for the Greater Montréal area and its surrounding - norco services

If the electrical capacity of your home is insufficient to accommodate a conversion to dual energy or to electricity, Hydro-Québec will require an upgrade of your electrical entrance to 200 or 400 amps. Les Huiles Norco offers you the most advanced automatic delivery system that allows us to calculate your oil consumption based on the outside temperature using the degree-day method.