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By: Les Conseillers Adec  09-12-2011

Economics: “Economics is the study of how men and society choose, with or without the use of money, to employ scarce resources to produce various commodities over time and distribute them for consumption, now and in the future, among various people and groups in society.”
Paul A. Samuelson, Economics: An Introductory Analysis, 1964

The economic consulting services offered by ADEC generally focus on actions that imply a medium or long-term perspective. They allow decision-makers to make informed choices on projects, investments, policies and other initiatives - choices geared to achieving the best results, economically speaking.
Although monetary data are key factors influencing economic performance, they aren't the only ones. Economic studies allow the arbitration of social, environmental and monetary issues.

  • Demand analysis - goods or services
  • Economic analysis - schedules, profitability, impact
  • Feasibility studies
  • Regional and sector profiles - socio-economic characteristics
  • Economic development strategies

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ADEC Consultants - Our services

Several members of our team have over 35 years of experience in these fields and our multidisciplinary approach lets us build bridges among disciplines. Our impartiality is a characteristic clients appreciate, and they rely on the objective information we produce to guide them in their decision-making. ADEC is recognized as a premier provider of consulting services in the areas of economics, management and marketing research.


Les conseillers ADEC - Nos services-conseils en administration

Ils permettent d'évaluer les situations et les tendances et donnent l'assurance que les objectifs poursuivis par les entreprises et les organisations sont bien servis par les actions proposées. Les services-conseils en administration offerts par ADEC s'inscrivent souvent dans une perspective de planification stratégique. Ensemble des activités de planification, de direction et de contrôle nécessaires pour que l'entité atteigne ses objectifs.


ADEC Consultants - Our management services

Free translation from Le Grand Dictionnaire terminologique de l'Office de la langue française. They evaluate trends and ensure that an organization's goals are well served by its actions. Directing and controlling of actions required to attain specified objectives.. ADEC's management consulting services often focus on strategic planning.