LensPlus Sony DSC-H5 Digital Camera Review

By: Lensadapter  09-12-2011

SLR-like camera with 12X Magnification

The features of the DSC-H5 include:

  • Electronic View Finder (EVR)

  • 7.1 Mega Pixel Resolution

  • 12X Optical Zoom Lens / 2X Digital*

  • 3.0 inch LCD Monitor

  • Aperture, Shutter and Manual Exposure Modes

  • Three Selectable Focus Modes

  • MPEG Movie Mode

  • Ergonomically astute design with a good gripping surface

  • Light weight (17oz with batteries) as compared to the heavier SLR cameras.

  • Needs only 2 AA batteries

*The 2X digital is a cropped image equivalent to 2X so there is a minimum amount of deterioration in the image.

Another added feature for those more advance photographers that operate their camera in the Manual mode is the Jog Dial. This dial which is mounted just below the shutter button can be used to change the Shutter or Aperture or EV values when shooting in the manual adjustment modes.

For Digiscopers DSC-H5 has the same Single (S AF) and Monitor (M AF) feature with an added Continues (C AF) which adjusts the focus before you press and hold the shutter button halfway down and then continues to adjust the focus even after AF lock is completed. This mode allows shooting of moving subjects with continued focus.

The DSC-H5 also has the same W1/W5/W7 settings called Smart zoom and Precision zoom. The Smart zoom enlarges the images digitally up to a maximum of approximately 14X with almost no distortion (this is not available when the image size is set to (7M). The Precision zoom enlarges all images up to a maximum of 24x, but the image quality does deteriorate.

Recommended DSC-H5 Settings when using the LE-Adapter:

  • AF Mode: Continuous

  • Digital Zoom: Smart

  • Steady Shot: Continuous

  • Expanded Focus: On

  • Image Size: 5M

  • Metering Mode: Spot

  • Mode Dial Setting: M (Manual)

  • Focus: Infinity

Because the Sony DSC-H5 comes with a hood that contains 58mm filter threads, all you will need to attach the Standard LE-Adapter (Item #11037) is our 58mm to 52mm step-down ring (Item#15852).

For those that require the larger 2Plus LE-Adapter (Item #11237) you will need the 58mm to 52mm step-down ring as will as our special 52-37mm Step-Down ring (Item#15237).

ItÂ’s a Fantastic Upgrade

If you are presently a Sony W1/W5/W7 owner you will want to step up to this new
Sony SLR-like camera with 12X Magnification.

Unlike the W1/W5 or W7, this camera has an Electronic View Finder (EVF) (a small color LCD with a magnified lens that functions as an eye level view finder) like a SLR camera that lets you view what the lens views.

The Mode Dial control is almost identical to the one on the W1/W5/W7 with the exceptions of an added Shutter(S) and Aperture (A) preferred mode position and an ISO position. The Review mode position has been replaced by a separate push button located
next to the Finder/LCD button.

The Sony DSC-H5 is totally LE-Adapter compatible in most applications including the use of microscopes, monoculars, spotting scopes and telescopes.
Whether your interest lies in microscopy, digibirding, or general photography I think you will find this camera will exceed your expectations.

Bill Benz
Inventor of the LE-Adapter

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In most application including the use of microscopes, telescopes, spotting scopes, and night vision scopes, vignetting is completely removed at approximately 2x optical zoom!!!!. Whether your interest lies in microscopy, digiscoping digibirding, DigiHunting, or general photography I think you will find this camera will exceed your expectations. The Sony DSC-W70 is totally LE-Adapter compatible.


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