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By: Leisure Pools Columbus  09-12-2011
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Leisure Pools is proud to offer a full service repair and maintenance department. We take great pride in providing exceptional swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service for residential and commercial pools throughout the Columbus and Central Ohio area.

WARNING: We do not offer 'free estimates.' Why? Because they are not free. While other pool companies say they come out and do a free estimate, I have yet to find one that actually tells you the truth and is candid about the real condition of your pool and equipment. This may not always be malicious. Often it's plain old ignorance and lack of proper training. Typically they will quote a fixed price to complete the job based on a service call fee (typically $75) and an hourly fee (typically $90-$125) in hopes that WHILE they are there they can scare / or pressure you into hiring them. Typically this approach has a 30% to 40% closing

ratio. That means that the for every 2 to 3 'estimates' they do they need to get at least 1 on average to cover the wasted payroll time on the ones they didn't. This is frankly is more of a game than anything else and we don't do it.

Here is how we work. Based on your location we charge a $49 or $79 service call to come out. This fee covers the costs associated with trucks, fuel, payroll, cell phones, uniforms, insurance, travel time, ect. Then we charge an hourly of $49 to actually do the work on the pool. By doing it this way, we do not have to cover the overhead and costs accumulated in jobs we


get. Instead we are only billing for the work we ACTUALLY do and ultimately can charge less. Simple right? We think so. We also think it's the fair way to treat our customers.

In addition to our 'revolutionary' pricing structure, we are proud to offer some very unique things that no one else in the area offers. The first is our

Whether you are looking for dedicated, friendly maintenance program or just a onetime clean-up, Leisure Pools of Columbus is the company that you will want to work with.

Services Offered

Openings/Closing Weekly Service
One Time Clean-Ups VGB Compliance
Liner Replacements Algae Removal
Energy Efficiency Audits Filter Cleaning
Leak Detection Safety Cover Installs
Chlorine Baths Salt System Installs
Pump Repair / Replacements Heater Repairs / Installation
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Keywords: Leisure Pools, Pool, Swimming Pool

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One of the biggest trends in outdoor design today is a decorative concrete pool deck—an inviting, multipurpose area surrounding the pool where people can entertain, sunbathe or just hang out when they aren’t doing the backstroke. Pools are becoming more specialized with a stronger emphasis on aesthetics, transforming the pool and backyard area into a mini resort with lighting, sound systems, spas, waterfalls and fountains.


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The straps are adjusted such that the springs keep the fabric very taut, keeping all drooping out of the cover. Our pools that are not sold with automatic covers are sold with one of these. These covers can hold an extraordinary amount of weight. The anchors easily screw down flush with the concrete. These winter mesh covers are the best on the market.


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If you have questions or would like to contact a Leisure Pools representative please call 614.890.POOL or. Even though the whole project can be completed within a week, it still constitutes major construction.


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