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By: Left Bank International  09-12-2011
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Converting multiple gift and newly-acquired donors into monthly sustainers (people who make modest, on-going monthly contributions) is one of the best ways to maximize a donor’s financial participation in your organization. left bank specializes in building monthly sustainer programs (direct debit in Europe/UK) for our non-profit clients. We help organizations develop the marketing concept, create the case for giving and choose the best donor segments to call. Our calling staff has made more monthly sustainer calls than any other company serving the non-profit industry.

If your organization is like many others, a core group of donors is often under-solicited by being excluded from your on-going direct marketing programs. With every best intention to treat these high value donors ($250+ or more depending on the organization) with personalized mailings and cultivation, many donors fail to get solicited on a regular basis, costing your organization significant revenue.

Your organization can gain the expertise that left bank a can offer from specialized phone strategies, high touch direct mail and overall consulting to maximize the long-term value of these important supporters. Perhaps you need major gift consulting to launch your in-house program.

Membership and donor renewal programs are the life-blood of many non-profit organizations. After having paid dearly to acquire them, getting donors to renew their support makes them hugely profitable for your organization. A large percent of donors do not renew their financial support via direct mail. Therefore, most non-profits add telefundraising to their renewal cycle. Whether it’s an early renewal call for 1st year members, a 3rd notice effort or a final renewal attempt, we can help you integrate telefundraising into your membership renewal process.

Telephone programs to reinstate donors who have not made a gift in 3 years or more years are increasing popular as the cost to acquire a donor via direct mail continues to increase. left bank offers a variety of programs that we guarantee will reinstate donors for less than the cost to acquire a new one. Plus, contacting your donors by phone, even if they decline to give, improves their long-term value.

If you take a hard look at your organization’s data base, you will likely find many segments of potential donors – event participants, hospital patients, petition signers, people who request more information, affinity credit card holders, website product buyers, website activists and other segments.

left bank can help you test and convert non-donors into donors, even monthly donors. AIDS service organizations and health charities can convert “walkathon” participants into donors. Political organizations can convert petition signers into donors. Hospitals can convert patients into donors. Schools can convert alumni, parents and grandparents into donors.

Direct mail and telefundraising special appeal programs can significantly boost your annual fund revenue. Whether your organization is a public broadcasting station, a hospital or an advocacy group, you need a core group of committed donors who give more than one time per year.

Our special appeal programs target responsive donors. We can coordinate our phoning with your direct mail to maximize your net revenue.

In today’s competitive direct response fundraising environment organizations are using more targeted, coordinated direct mail in combination with outbound telephone programs.

Using variable text direct mail to donors a) not contacted during a phone program, b) donors who decline to make a phone pledge, and c) donors who are left voice mail messages increases response rates and raises more money than generic direct mail to the same donors. Our direct mail follow-up is sent first class and generates response rates of 6% to 10% depending on the audience.

left bank offers Automated Calling/Voice Broadcast – a powerful communication tool that enables your organization to deliver a personalized, recorded message to thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of members or donors within a few days. Auto Calls can increase direct mail results, reinforce an event invitation, improve pledge fulfillment, or motivate your donors to take other actions.

Here are some of the examples of how organizations are using Auto Messaging:

Notice of upcoming events Thank you calls to donors/members Volunteer calls to action GOTV programs – (Get Out The Vote) Voter Identification programs Follow up to direct mail, including automated forwarding to an inbound call center Pre-Direct Mail message to donors Polling

Research shows that up to 85% of recipients listen to a Auto Calls when the message is from a well-known celebrity, political leader or candidate. For minimal cost, you can now improve your communication with supporters, raise additional funds and ensure that donors have secondary contribution options other then direct mail.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Direct Mail