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By: Leesburg Dentist  09-12-2011
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Adult Preventative Care:

Q: How often should I get my teeth cleaned?
The American Dental Association recommends that adults with healthy mouths have their teeth cleaned every six months. Adults who are undergoing orthodontic treatment, who have gum problems, who are pregnant, or who have other health problems may need to have more frequent cleanings. Your hygienist will help you determine the treatment that will give you the healthiest smile possible.

Q: Do adults need to have x-rays taken.
Bitewing x-rays are recommended once a year for all patients, adults and children. These x-rays help to diagnose decay between the teeth and bone loss around the teeth. We also recommend a panoramic x-ray every three to five years to help monitor the TMJ joint, to look for cysts and polyps, or any other anomalies in the bone. We may also need to take other x-rays for specific procedures such as crowns and root canals.

Q: Can adults still benefit from fluoride treatments?
Yes, fluoride is still beneficial for adults. Not only does the topical fluoride help to strengthen enamel and remineralize areas that could turn into cavities, but it can also decrease sensitivity due to gum recession, help to keep exposed cementum on crowned teeth from getting decay, and help reduce the risk of root caries on exposed teeth. If you have invested money in crowns, bridgework, or fillings, then fluoride is a must!! It prevents decay from starting all around your dental work, thus extending the life and longevity of your dental work.

Q: Is there anything else that will help me prevent cavities?
Studies have shown that products containing xylitol (a naturally occurring sugar substitute derived from corn) or licorice root can help to reduce the risk of cavities. When used in the proper doses, these products kill the bacteria that cause decay. Ask one of our hygienists or assistants for specific products and instructions.

Keywords: teeth

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