PlasmaPure Inorganic ICP Standards and Mercury Reagents

By: Leeman Labs  09-12-2011

Teledyne Leeman Labs manufactures analytical instrumentation, so we understand the importance of quality, purity and consistency in calibrating and operating today's instruments. That's why we make our own standards – we don't resell someone else's.

We start with only the best inorganic materials, the cleanest bottles, and the highest purity acids. We monitor all areas of production until we're satisfied that the standards we've produced are the very best that the industry has to offer.

  • Highest level of quality control – all standards are produced at Leeman facilities, providing you with direct traceability.

  • Technical Expertise –


  • Compliance – all Leeman Labs standards satisfy EPA second source requirements

You can now receive our complete Inorganic Standards and Consumables catalog on CD. Call: 603-521-3289. There you will find single and multi-element standards, custom blends, environmental packages (EPA, CLP, TCLP), semi quant kits, and much more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Every standard comes with our no hassle, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Each standard is supplied with a certificate of analysis traceable to NIST. A lot number and expiration date is stamped on each bottle. Composition accuracy for elements is + 0.5 percent of the reported value.

How to Order

  • By Telephone: 603-521-3289

  • By Fax: 603-886-9141 Attn: Plasma Pure Standards

  • By Mail: Teledyne Leeman Labs, 6 Wentworth Drive, Hudson, NH 03051, Attn: Plasma Pure Standards

Please include the following information when placing your order:

  • Complete shipping and billing address

  • Contact person

  • Telephone number

  • Catalog number, description, quantity, and unit of measure for each item being ordered

  • Price

  • Your purchase order number

  • Delivery Date requested

  • Desired shipment method

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