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By: Leaseteam  09-12-2011

Implementation | Support Our Uncompromising Commitment
At LeaseTeam, our uncompromising commitment to providing quality support for our valued customers is demonstrated by our comprehensive support plan and thorough implementation process . . .

Time is money . . .

that's why we work with you to get your new system up and running with as little down time as possible.

Our standard support policy

makes sure you always have the resources you need to keep your system running efficiently from day one.

ASP (Application Service Provider)

You've made the important decision

to use LeaseTeam software to handle your company's equipment leasing functions.


Now you may wish to consider whether you would prefer to use the software at your site (by purchasing, licensing, deploying and maintaining it), or on demand, through application hosting. Each way has its own unique advantages and benefits.

Other products and services from Leaseteam


Portfolio Servicing

Whether you need to change contract terms, apply cash, or generate invoices, your employees will have the tools at their disposal to efficiently service all of your portfolios. LeaseTeam's system also allows you to combine secondary charges, such as insurance or maintenance, in with primary charges for invoice presentation purposes.


LeaseTeam Product Functionality -- Po

Simply update the index rate on the contract, and the software automatically uses the new rate to calculate a new payment amount that will amortize the remaining balance over the remaining payments. This successful, unique design was developed to effectively manage the unique complexities that arise from various types of contracts, such as loans, TRAC leases and true leases.


Booking Preparation

LeaseTeam’s Front-End Automation Resource Manager software development kit is an integration tool which facilitates automation of the entire data transfer process. UCC filing is, of course, extremely important because it represents public notification that equipment owned by the lender is in use by the borrower.


Contract and Portfolio Finance

Find out how LeaseTeam can help your company streamline processes, reduce costs and improve performance during a product demo by one of our highly trained regional sales managers. That's why we make sure the lines of communication are always open between LeaseTeam and our customers. If you have a question about a LeaseTeam product or service. At LeaseTeam, our clients are our bottom line.


Document Management

With Documentum ApplicationXtender, you quickly access information from a universal desktop interface, enabling greater control over business documents, enhancing the quality of decisions, increasing customer service levels and improving employee productivity.


LeaseTeam Solutions

Such as feature-rich software that seamlessly handles the entire lifecycle of your lease and loan transactions. At LeaseTeam, we provide your people with powerful tools that increase productivity across your enterprise. LeaseTeam’s solutions give equipment finance companies of all sizes a distinct competitive edge.