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By: Leadmaster  09-12-2011
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LeadMaster offers a wide variety of solutions to help you sell more.

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        • Drip Marketing & automated e-mail functionality are all built-in. There is no additional charge for e-Marketing features.
          • Analysis and reports provide the insight to measure marketing ROI.

        When is the best time to respond to a prospect who is interested in your products, solutions or services?
        The answer is 'right away'. Lead-Xpress is an ideal tool for getting leads to the sales team and getting an update on the status.

        For the first time you get a complete set of tools that helps you respond to prospects instantly and consistently - tracking those leads every step of the way, from first touch to closing the sale and beyond.

        In today's fast paced business you can't afford not to know who is visiting your website. Don't let website visitor details escape you. The answer is LeadMaster's Lead-Xtreme, the easy way to capture website visitor information.

        • Pay only for what you use
          • No long term contracts.
          • No monthly minimums.
        • Service Flexibility
          • No hardware, software or up front capital expenditures. Scales up and down easily.
          • Freedom to work from any location.
          • Easy administration of at-home agents.

        Call Centers love LeadMaster. Whether it's a traditional brick & mortar call center or a virtual call center with reps distributed around the country, LeadMaster has a solution.

        LeadMaster's custom form technology allows the scripts to be attached directly to the record. The answers can even be searched and data mined for market intelligence and target market insight.

        One of the solutions that make up the variety of LeadMaster Call Center Solutions is LeadMaster-Voice.

          • Increases efficiency and production. More calls means more leads and more sales.
        • Call Monitoring and Recording
          • Available so you'll be able to review and improve performance.
        • Complete Reporting
          • View the number of reps on the phones and see the results of all your campaigns in real-time.
        • Connect with Internet leads instantly
        • Never miss another lead
        • Dramatically improve connect rate
        • Improved connect rate means improved close rate
        • Complex calling trees are welcome

        E-marketing is the most cost effective way to communicate your value proposition.

        • Integrated with LeadMaster
          • Because it's integrated all your data is right there at your fingertips.
        • Know who is reading your message
          • Fast response

            This online web-based medical management tool provides advanced case management with workflow capabilities that delivers critical information to clinical staff, and provides customizable surveys and assessments. CareMaster has sophisticated search capabilities which helps target specific groups to improve outcomes. CareMaster also helps manage regulatory requirements.

            For more than a decade LeadMaster has worked with a wide a variety of customers from virtually every industry. LeadMaster continues to do business with these companies because we deliver and our customers are happy with our performance. We can implement a solution that is tailored for your industry, company and situation. We'd be happy to talk with you about a solution for your individual needs.

            • Account Profiling
            • Appointment Setting
            • Lead Generation

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CRM Consulting & Customization, Lead Nurturing & Integration

Our CRM experts can help you implement a solution that is customzied for your industry. Our experts have worked with every size company in dozens of industries. To make your solution fit 'just right' requires customization. One of the benefits of LeadMaster is the 'personal touch'. Some of the CRM services we provide include. LeadMaster Partners Span the Globe.