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By: Le Chi Foods  09-12-2011


Kolaches (meat or smoked link baked in dough)
A great national desert or snack for special occasions, originally from Czechoslovakia and Poland.  We evolved it into a tasty meat-filled pastry that is great for breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner.

LeChi kolaches come in 3 kinds of dough:
- Regular
- Whole Wheat
- Signature (dough between regular and whole wheat)Your choice of fillings are:
- Smoked Link (beef or pork with or without cheese, jalapenos)
- Breakfast Sausage
- Ham & CheeseLeChi kolaches are fully cooked; just heat and serve.  LeChi kolaches are served in breakfast and lunch programs in many schools across the United States as well as served in convenience stores, donut shops, and also in fundraising systems.Please contact your distributor or fill in our for LeChi kolaches.Please see our for a complete list of products.

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