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By: Lax Stick Doctor  09-12-2011

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my best bud

NOT impressed
Molly sittin' like a people..i tricked her once again, she hates when I take her picture.
our newest member
my newest addition, CoCo, is a pit/lab mix..i think..i do know that she's the sweetest baby ever..she sits in this photo about 2.5 months old.
it wasn't me
Co Co gets caught again, acting innocent, but being guilty..but how do you get angry at that pretty face, guilty or not.
in the window
Molly's cuttin' me a glare, but it's understandable because she hates her picture being taken..oh well , it sucks to be her.
clean up continued..
and the clean up continues..
operation clean up continued
just the next picture in a series of photo's as Molly cleans herself up after her knee operation
Molly's operation
Molly cleans up her new zipper.
the hee haw gang
my dogs,on the new couch i never get to sit on, that was the best money i ever spent..
Baby and big sis
Diamond and Loosey share some quiet time in front of the fire place
Cooper farted
Cooper dropped his guts and the baby didnt like it much.
Our newest member of the pack, is bad to the bone..but i love her none the less, maybe even more.
tallest to smallest
this is just a pic i took with my phone, pretty cool eh.
Me, Cooey, Diamond and Loosey
Just showing off my new RESCUE INK SHIRT
Loosey, sittin funny.
Loosey takes a time out after a game of fetch, Cooper and Diamond look down the street.
day dreamin'
my 1st love first rescue, now she's the queen bee.
my best bud
Cooper and I just hangin on the couch..
Cooper taking care of his little girl
Cooper cleans up the baby, who isn't such a baby anymore.
Are you talkin to me?
Saucey ol' Loosey, giving me a hard look..she's so funny.
Chillin' on the deck
Diamond and Loosey take a little break from the heat on the deck during summer time fun.
Ol saucey face
Like I said Loosey makes it hard on the ears..sometimes, just like most babies..
Hip Hip Hooray!!!
On the deck working on cheers..Loosey is ten months old now, and she's no baby any more..

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Depending on how extensive a job it will be, a quick evaluation of the head will determine the potential damage… If you have a mesh kit, i’ll gladly throw it in, If I have to provide the mesh and you have strings and shooters, then thats a little different…If I have to provide the entire mesh kit,then that consists of an entire mesh “kit”.