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By: Laurentian Wood  09-12-2011
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Laurentian Wood - Buy and sell pallets

Repairing wooden pallets
At Laurentian Wood, we know our products are of the finest quality, but we are also realistic: eventually, use and time take their toll and a pallet will break.
Don't throw it away ! Bring it back to us and we will repair it. If it is damaged beyond repair, we will recover the reusable parts to make recycled pallets.
Pallets you thought were destinated for landfill will carry many loads yet.

Wooden pallets are Renewable, Reusable, Repairable and Recyclable
We do not destroy forests to make our pallets. Rather, we use the parts of trees which are unsuitable for construction or furniture manufacturing. By utilizing these logs, we maximize the use of the tree; otherwise, they might go to producing firewood or pulp and paper, or worse still be left in the forest.
This is only one of many ways in which we contribute to the rational management of a renewable but precious resource. Broken pallets are repaired, and finally recycled into wood chips to be utilized for pulp and paper, construction materials or decorative mulch.

Un-usable lumber, saw dust, scrap pallets, Laurentian Wood recycles 100% of it.

All the rejected materials are grinded in our plant in order to produce wood chips; nails and other non-wood residues are segregated so that only the wood chips are reused for particle board manufacturing. (Une photo vous sera envoyé, la meme qu'en français)

Keywords: Buy And Sell Pallets, Pallets, Wooden Pallets,

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For the gathering of fruits or vegetables, expedition of products needing a superior protection, storing of non-stackable products, or other, we are able to manufacture the ideal containers to meet your specific needs. Our line of products would be incomplete if we didn't offer our clients the fabrication of wood boxes. Laurentian Wood manufactures crates made of plywood or wood for multi-purpose use.


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From now on, pallets, containers, and other wooden packing supplies used to export your products must comply with phytosanitary regulations, in addition to being approved by an organization recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


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More than a pallet manufacturer, Laurentian Wood is an important enterprise in the transformation of wood. This is the reason why many of our clients come to us when they need to purchase pre-cut. It will be our pleasure to help you lower your cost of ready-to-use wood. Our equipment allows us to produce in excess of what we use. Laurentian Wood - Buy and sell pallets.