Ruwac Continuous Duty Vacuum Cleaner Systems

By: Latta Equipment  09-12-2011
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Power! Performance! Filtration!

Continuous Duty Features, Specifications and Options:

    Model HP / Turbines Voltage Vacuum (H20 / HG) Volume** CFM L x W x H (Inches) Weight (lbs.)
    1.5/1 120 (220 available)* 75/5.5 135 CFM 32 x 20 x 35 117
    2.0/1 208 / 230 / 460 (220 available)* 68/5.0 180 CFM 32 x20 x 35 155
    3.0/1 208 / 230 / 460 (220 available)* 78/5.7 180 CFM 32 x 20 x 35 160
    5.0/1 208 / 230 / 460 85/6.2 300 CFM 32 x 20 x 50 180
    10.0/1 460 (280, 230 available)* 118/8.2 288 CFM 32 x 20 x 50 200
    5.0/1 208 / 230 / 460 90/6.7 265 CFM 38 x 32 x 69 215
    5.0/2 208 / 230 / 460 74/5.5 310 CFM 38 x 32 x 69 230
    7.5/2 208 / 230 / 460 97/7.2 370 CFM 38 x 32 x 69 285
    10.0/2 208 / 230 / 460 93/6.9 506 CFM 38 x 32 x 69 300
    2x5.0/2 460 84/6.2 600   485
    2x10/2 460 111/8.2 600 CFM   512
          A - Modular Oval Construction, designed for flexibility, upgradeable

    Our modular oval construction offers the maximum design flexibility. Changes to the vacuum can easily be made in the field. Ie: change motor decks, add HEPA filtration. Extensive parts   
    commonality; all parts in stock.              

    Oval vs Round Our industrial vacuums were brilliantly engineered using the “Oval Principle”. Many other industrial vacuums are constructed using a standard round collection container, adding a filter and a motor. Ruwac’s are constructed with an oval shaped housing. This shape has proven to be the most effective when dealing with fine dust.

    Static Dissipating – Electrically insulating (10-6 ohms resistance)

    Fully Grounded

    Ruwac’s manufactures all of our machines out of a compression cast composite. This material is put into a press at 900 tons of pressure, insuring a precise mold every time. The material will not rust, is dent free, and abrasion resistant. We warranty all compression cast components for life, guarantying you a long lasting vacuum. Every vacuum is fully grounded for safety.

    Our DS 1 & pneumatic industrial vacuums are carbon impregnated compression cast composite. This makes them static dissipating, electrically insulating (10-6 Ohms resistance) and chemical neutral.

    Every Ruwac Industrial Vacuum is designed for returning only clean air to the work environment. Our oversized standard filter is 99.9% efficient at .5 microns. This unique designed filter allows the operator to pick up fine material in large quantities, maintaining a low filter loading. Our average filter life is 5 to 7 years, (assuming proper maintenance) and carries a warranty of 3 years.  

    • HEPA, ULPA & Active Charcoal Filters available

    Some applications require even more filtration than our standard .5 microns.

    What first impresses everyone about the Ruwac vacuum is the easy to empty drop down dustpan. Just lift the lever with your foot, and the dustpan is lowered to the floor. Push the vacuum forward, and the dustpan is easy to reach and empty. To replace the pan, no alignment needed, just push it under the vacuum and step down on the lever.

    Are you frustrated by your vacuum turning over all the time, either the vacuum weighs little, or it is a top heavy drum top model. With Ruwac’s low inlet and counter balanced base, the operator can pull the vacuum via the hose without ever tipping the machine over.

    Ruwac’s continuous duty industrial vacuum cleaners use only the highest quality TEFC motors available. These motors offer 24/7 continuous operation for your housekeeping or point of source application.

    All Ruwac’s continuous duty industrial vacuum cleaners come with starter overload protection. This insures the safety of your investment, no matter how an employee might use the vacuum.

    All of Ruwac’s industrial vacuums offer inclusive sound suppression. For the continuous duty line sound levels range from 72-78 dBA. Lower sound levels are available, just contact us with your specific application.

    With Ruwac’s oversized filters, maintenance is reduced to almost nothing. Each time you empty the dust pan, give the external shaker bar one or two shakes and you are ready to return to dust-free cleaning.  

    • Reverse pulse or motorized filter shaker available

    Reverse pulse filter cleaning using shop air and an electric motorized shaker is available on all Ruwac industrial vacuums.

    Ruwac vacuums have large heavy duty non-marking swivel casters on the front and large heavy duty non-marking swivel casters, with brakes on the rear.

    They are very durable and stay on! 

    Our cast deflector knocks material out of the air stream so that none of the material you vacuum hits the filter directly. Material hits the deflector and then spins around our oval designed dust pan. This slows the material down even more, so only the finest material ever contacts the filter. This allows you to have much longer vacuum cycles and be more productive because time is not spent cleaning or replacing filters!

    Our turbines are multistage turbines. Custom engineered to produce more
    vacuum using less horse power. Our turbines run quieter than most.


    Powder paint cleanup
    Vacuum assist sanding
    Concrete Grinding
    Lead paint removal
    Housekeeping at a Talc manufacturer

Keywords: Filtration, Industrial Vacuum, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Industrial Vacuums, Vacuum, Vacuum Cleaners

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