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By: Laser View  09-12-2011
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Laser-View Technologies provides products, systems, and services that apply non-contact measurement techniques to solve measurement, inspection, and monitoring requirements. Since 1999, we have been providing industry and research with off the shelf and customized solutions to measurement needs.

We distribute and integrate precision laser micrometers, laser displacement sensors, long range laser range finders, and machine vision into smart and easy to use non-contact measurement and inspection systems.

We can supply packages of sensors, controls, and software, or provide you with a complete integrated solution. Frequently, our application software is customized to fit specific applications. Below is a list of some typical applications that we solve daily:

  • Diameter measurement
  • Thickness measurement
  • Distance measurement
  • Profiling
  • Process verification and part/label identification
  • Process error-proofing

Our goal is to remain flexible so that we may provide tailored solutions to your applications. We are experienced in a number of different technologies and disciplines, so you can be assured that all aspects of a project are given consideration.

We supply precision triangulation based laser displacement sensors with measurement ranges from 3 mm to 1.3 meters. These laser sensors can be used individually to measure distance and can be paired together to measure thickness and diameter.

Multiple sets of lasers, along with controls and software can be combined to create a complete monitoring system. Long range laser distance measurement is also our specialty. The PMS200 series long range laser distance sensor measures from 0.05 m up to 500 meters with millimeter precision.

This is a great solution to many industrial distance monitoring and size control problems. Its rugged weather tight design permits it to be used outdoors in demanding applications. The PMS 200 laser distance sensor has been used in a broad range of applications, such as:

  • crane location
  • roll size
  • thickness, width, length monitoring
  • level control in silos, pits, or tanks
  • saw monitoring
  • lumber measurement

Diameter measurements can be made with sub-micron precision and repeatability using laser micrometers. Laser micrometers are used for bench top metrology and inline process monitoring. They are commonly used for monitoring the size of bar and tube, precision ground parts, and drawn and extruded wire and materials. The laser micrometers can be coupled with controls and software to provide a complete turnkey measurement and control solution.

Vision systems are sued in industrial and research settings to measure, inspect, and monitor parts and processes. Vision systems include a CCD or CMOS based camera, illumination, fixturing , software, and controls. Vision system are deployed online with production processes or offline as a separate inspection station. Vision provides a fast method of inspecting 100% of your parts without the need for inspection personnel. Each vision applications unique and customized due to the nature of the technology.

Our software applications are generally written using National Instruments LabVIEW graphical programming language. Our team of experts custom LabVIEW programming services for their projects. As a result, we now are offering our expertise writing specialty LabVIEW code.

Customers have also asked us to provide engineering consultation on various projects. We have provided engineering services with regards to measurement and inspection, but have also provided other manufacturing and process related consulting. Please inquire with us if you have a special need that matches our broad skillsets.

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LASER-VIEW TECHNOLOGIES provides service and support for precision laser micrometers, laser displacement sensors, and machine vision systems that we build, distribute, and integrate. As a Cognex / DVT vision systems integrator, we can provide after sales support for vision applications built by us and other integrators. Laser-View develops PC software applications in National Instruments Labview graphical programming language.