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By: Larsonrecords  09-12-2011
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How much is your office space worth? Do you utilize all of the space for productive and revenue generating functions? The fact is office documents take up valuable space. If you could put 7 four drawer file cabinets worth of documents onto one DVD would you?

Let Larson Records Management help you maximize you investment in office space while making your office more organized by converting your paper documents to digital files. Imaging is a cost-effective long term solution to storing paper records.

Larson Records Management can transport the records to our facility in company vehicles operated by our bonded employee’s. Documents are tracked through the entire process by our records management software to ensure 100% accountability. After the documents are prepped, imaged and indexed and the three stages of quality control are complete we can deliver the digital images in a variety of ways. We can provide a CD/DVD that is fully indexed, we can put them on a portable hard drive for you to utilize at your facility, we can FTP to your server or we can host the images through our secure web server.

Larson Records Management can provide back-file conversions or work on a program specifically tailored to address your current and day forward documents.

Keywords: Company Vehicles, office space, Records Management, Records Management Software

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Auto Backup | Larson Records Management

In the extreme event that your servers are not recoverable due to fire, water or other damage, LRM has the capability to remove the box from our facility and have it to your location within hours. Every time a document or other item is accessed or changed by a user, the backup software automatically backs up the newest version to a dedicated, secure server at our facility.


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We utilize our own company vehicles equipped with GPS and operated by our employees for the transportation of your vital back ups. LRM can help with disaster recovery by maintaining your media back ups off-site should a disaster occur. Larson Records Management maintains a climate controlled, secure vault for your media rotations.


Services | Larson Records Management

We offer secure storage in a facility that is monitored 24 hours a day for security and fire, with a direct line to both the police and fire departments. Larson Records Management owns it’s office space and storage facility which will ensure storage rates will not be affected by a landlord. We have the ability to track records down to the file level.


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With LRM's indexing service we will place a barcode on each file and enter the information as directed by the client. LRM will provide an index to the customer that will allow for easy retrieval of documents when the need arises. Let Larson Records Management take the hassle out of preparing cartons for transition off-site.


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Larson Records can store and distribute any forms or other supplies, and keep an updated inventory so you know exactly when to order more. Many businesses purchase bulk forms and supplies for cost savings, and then have little or no room to store them. Larson Records can provide your business with forms management and distribution.


Secure Web Access | Larson Records Management

This is the authenticator that is required to gain access through the RSA appliance that LRM has installed on their network. When a customer requests access to their account online, LRM will assign them an RSA SecurID® key fob. Larson Records Management is always concerned with the growing number of attacks made on networks. This requires no downloads or installation of any software on the customers computers.