By: Larry Meginnis  09-12-2011
Keywords: hypnosis, Weight Loss System

The Perfect Golf Swing Turn that practice swing into your real swing. Learn how to focus your concentration and get "in the zone". $24.95 Also available from Eagle Valley Golf Course Single Audio Programs 1) Weight Loss
2) Smoking Cessation
3) Pain Control
4) Stress Release
5) Banish Insomnia
6) Confidence
7) Memory and Concentration
8) Reduce Test Anxiety
9) Mental Toughness for Sports $24.95
Total Weight Loss System
This is a full weight loss system for those who are serious about losing weight. Forget fad diets, forget will power and try this proven system. This system is designed for individuals who would like to lose 15 or more pounds. You may see results immediately but traditionally it takes 2 to 4 weeks before noticing results. $349.95 All About Hypnosis Book

Learn the facts and the myths about hypnosis. Find out how hypnosis works. Discover if you could be hypnotized. This easy to read book gives the facts you will need to discover hypnosis as well as how to hypnotize yourself.$12.95
Show DVD'sAll shows are videotaped and kept for a limited time.$34.95
Orders will be accepted by Phone : 905-380-8400 or 1-866-999-8829
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Keywords: hypnosis, Weight Loss System