Landslide Solutions, Inc. | Retaining Walls and Abutments

By: Landslide Solutions  09-12-2011

Our GCS® walls are especially cost effective.  Federally-funded research shows these structures have bearing capacities up to 20 times those of traditional Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls.  State of the art GCS® technology translates to better retaining walls, bridge abutments, box culverts, foundations, rockfall barriers, avalanche / mud flow deflection barriers and more.

The final product can be a split-face block, natural stone, synthetic stone vaneer, stained and sculpted shotcrete or a mesh with natural vegetation.

Other products and services from Landslide Solutions


Landslide Solutions, Inc. | Rockfall Mitigation

Our specialized fleet of equipment, including crane basket drills, allows us to extend our design-build-warranty service to rockfall mitigation and rock slope stabilization.


Landslide Solutions, Inc. | Landslide Repair

That translates into the newest methods and technologies going from concept to verification to implementation with no delays and with significant cost and time savings to our clients. We routinely have crews installing nails three days or fewer after a failure and often have the road open to traffic within the week. After surveying the site and gathering data, a design and guaranteed fixed-cost proposal will be submitted to the client.


Landslide Solutions, Inc. | Temporary GeoStabilization Systems

LSI can work in tandem with the primary excavation, resulting in little or no delay for the shoring activity. When time is of the essence LSI will often mobilize crews and design in concert with one another.


Landslide Solutions, Inc. | Micro Piles and Ground Anchors

We design foundations for water tanks, wind turbines, towers, transmission lines and commercial and residential buildings. Our specialized equipment enables installation at sites with severe access limitations and obstructions.


Landslide Solutions, Inc. | Bluff Stabilization and Restoration

Once the riparian or coastal area is stabilized, a variety of surface treatments can be installed, from sculpted and stained shotcrete to bioengineered facings. These nails can be perforated to act as drains or pressure grouted with cementicious or non-cementicious materials to improve soil properties in the nail zone.