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By: Land Hvac  09-12-2011
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From a complete line of high-efficiency gas, oil and electric furnaces to a wide range of central air conditioners and heat pumps, you can’t go wrong with an Armstrong Air™ system. Since 1928, Armstrong Air products have been providing cooling and heating solutions with your needs in mind.
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Goodman been building quality Goodman® brand air conditioning and heating equipment since 1982. You may not have heard of Goodman -- because instead of spending money on expensive advertising campaigns, Goodman focused on building high-quality equipment that makes indoor comfort affordable to as many people as possible. Given Goodman's twenty-four years of experience in the heating and cooling business, Goodman customers can be assured that Goodman air conditioning and heating products meet the highest industry standards and are sold by some of the best and most experienced professionals in the industry. 

For all thermostats, zoning, air cleaners, and humidifiers

Honeywell has been the trusted leader in temperature control for more than 100 years.  Honeywell Thermostats are designed to provide precise and comfortable heating and cooling control.  Honeywell Whole-House Air Cleaners filter the air passing through your heating and cooling system to ensure cleaner air is distributed to all rooms in your home.  A Honeywell Humidifier maintains the proper humidity level in your home and can improve your family's comfort, while protecting fine woodwork and flooring.

All across the country, homeowners, business owners and commercial operations are enjoying the high performance and superior comfort of the Unico System. No matter when your home or building was built, or what its physical configuration, installing the Unico System is always a possibility - without compromising design or architectural integrity.

Keywords: Air Conditioning, Cooling, Heating