Mediator and Coach in Santa Barbara

By: Lamberti Mediation  09-12-2011
Keywords: Coaching


  • Executive and Leadership coaching

  • Business Partnership coaching

  • Teen and Parent Coaching

The primary function of coaching is to increase the capacity of the individual to achieve what s/he wants to accomplish in terms of performance, behavioral change and or leadership ability. The process is individualized to each person based on who they are and what their particular need is.
While each coaching agreement is individualized, the process of coaching usually begins with identifying with the client the intention and commitment to coaching. This is often followed by a 360 review which is done by conducting a series of in-depth interviews of people the client works with, chosen by the client. Feedback is delivered to the client and together, using this information goals are set for the coaching and a coaching agreement is finalized. The coaching agreement usually includes a series of both phone and one-on-one sessions. During these sessions the coach asks questions, makes distinctions, assists the client to see where he may be getting in his own way; creates opportunity for the client to see new possibilities and generally supports the client toward achieving his goals. At the end of the coaching agreement the client and coach both assess progress toward stated goals with a plan for the clients’ ongoing growth and development .
As a coach Ursula listens carefully to what the client is sharing, particularly in relation to what the client has said he or she wants. By developing strong trusting relationships with her clients she is able to deliver sensitive, sometime difficult feedback in a neutral way that the client can hear and use toward his or her development.


  • Groups
  • Inter and intra departmental meetings

Facilitation is a meeting technique designed to gather information, develop trusting relationships, resolve conflicts and develop high-quality solutions in a safe environment which allows for “unsafe” topics and issues to be addressed. More specifically it allows for:
      Accelerating the capture and or analysis of information
      Participation of significant personnel
      Stimulation of creative thinking and problem solving
      Resolving communication problems and developing enhanced communication skills
      Gaining consensus through collaborative dialogue
      Identify outside impacting issues
      Greater commitment to decisions As a facilitator Ursula has the ability to assist the group, through open and honest dialogue, to identify its core issues and to support the group to create workable solutions that all can commit to. A key element to success is facilitating an environment where all members can express their honest thoughts and ideas and listen to each other in a way that they would like to be heard.

Keywords: Coaching