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Committee Meeting Minutes
October 6, 2010 7:00pm

Committee Members present: Mark Visscher, Wayne Rempel, Kelly Popow, Sandi Stewart, Jenna Klippert, Jyl Talsma, Anna Marten, Sue Young.

A.    Changes/Additions to Agenda/Sept 21 Minutes

-          Music for the Heart Concert

B.     Treasurer’s Report

-          with the addition of the Bottle Drive Money and several contributions, our account is now at $16,819.
-          County will pay their donation in 2 parts: half when construction half done, rest on completion
-          Mark’s presentation to the Rotary Club went well

  C.    City Council  and Admin update

-          Wayne’s update to Council was well received. They were pleasantly surprised at the our progress
-          The City has requested that all construction bills be paid through our City account

D.    Fundraising

1. Package Updates (Jenna, Kim)

-          in-kind sheet will indicate that this is subject to final construction plans, perhaps indicate landscaping opportunities
-          problems with printing the 3D concept and examples of donor signage. Sue will look into this.
-          Jyl is prepping fundraising packages in order to begin approaching community and corporate donors.

2. Grants

-         Jenna is waiting for package completion and budget/financial info
-         Jyl reports that we are eligible to apply for a grant from the Red Deer and District Community Foundation (next deadline April 1)
-         Mark reports that there is potential for a donation from Alberta Highways
-         Sandi reports that we are eligible for a Community Spirit grant – they will match personal donations only
-         Will hear in Nov in regards to our CFEP application (provincial)

 3. Bottle Collections

-          Kelly is preparing a cargo van, which will be placed on Popow land directly across from the Tim Horton’s drive-by – we felt this was a more secure and higher traffic location. When the van is ready, he will organize a youth paint day. 
-          Anna volunteered to speak to the Bottle Depot to see if we can get at least one month for donations

4. Bar Fundraising Nights

-          Anna has been working hard on this. She has lined up 5 or 6 bands willing to participate, as well as Chris Rawlick. The first one will take place at Under the Hill. There will be a cover charge, and perhaps a guest shooter table – all proceeds to go to the skatepark. Hopefully a 50-50 draw, but we need to get permission from Alberta Gaming. Date will depend on how long it takes to get permission – we are hoping November sometime. Anna will keep the Committee posted as to her progress on this event and can get help with posters for this event from Kim. 
-          We will still keep Ugly’s in mind, perhaps for end of January, beginning of February
-          Wayne mentioned the possibility of getting silent auction items from such companies as West Jet (perhaps for Ugly’s?). However they would need a lead time of about 2 months.

5. Other Fundraising Ideas

-          Anna is working on change containers to be placed at gas stations, grocery stores, perhaps banks.
-          Mark will check on possibility of getting the Committee onto a waitlist to work one night at one of the casinos in Red Deer
-         Jenna and Wayne to look into Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie Campaign. Music for the Heart concert, Nov 24 at the LMC – being put on by Kim and C.J. Berube. They will donate $5 of each ticket sold to the Skatepark! The Committee has volunteered to help in any way needed.  

E.     Location concerns

-          this keeps coming up, in particular with the concern of one of the council candidates. Sue will ask Wayne to speak at this Candidates meeting.
-         we again discussed reasons for the location at Michener, for Anna’s benefit: several not included in last set of minutes – campground groundskeeper on site, good access, there is a good sight line both from the highway and houses close by, any location will be too far for some, problems will arise regardless of location

F.      Tabled

1. Skateschool

Next Meeting: Wed Nov 3, 2010, 7-9 PM, Rotary Room LMC

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Keywords: Fundraising

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Most impressive to the Lacombe Skatepark Committee is the effort of our nine youth volunteers who’ve picked garbage in the ditch, collected hundreds and hundreds of cans and bottles, and dug gravel out of the horseshoe pits for seniors in our community. They formed the Lacombe Skatepark Committee, a now registered society, and gathered a dedicated group of nine teenage skateboarders ages 10 – 21 to see the dream through.



In-Kind Sponsorship Opportunities - Donations of Labour, Materials and Equipment are also needed and crucial to park completion: Opportunities exist for businesses, organizations or individuals to contribute “Gifts in Kind” to the Lacombe Skatepark project, which are very valuable to the project.