By: Labrees Bakery  09-12-2011

According to The Food Channel, cupcakes snagged the No. 3 spot as this decade's Top 10 biggest trends.

Cupcakes are a big business for us, and we are one of the best in the country. We make regular size and minis, filled and unfilled, iced and uniced, bulk or packaged- the possibilities are endless. Our standard flavors include: gold, white, chocolate, red velvet, carrot, and pumpkin, but we have the capability to do most anything you have in mind, such as any gourmet flavor. Give us a call and and let us know what you need. 

Other products and services from Labrees Bakery



We'll be happy to meet your needs and have confidence that you'll be quite pleased choosing LaBree's quality finished products. LaBree's has quite a variety of thaw-n-serve baked goods from which to select, saving time, labor, and money. We offer iced, un-iced, and base-iced cakes in a variety of sizes and shapes for the holidays. Customers are choosing to use our finished cakes.


Whoopie Pies

It is a baked good consisting of two round mound-shaped pieces of cake with delicious icing pressed between them. Us Mainers like to credit ourselves with this invention, but so do the Amish in Pennsylvania. We have a variety of flavors, sizes, and packaging options.



Our flavors include blueberry, corn, chocolate chip, cranberry orange, lemon poppy seed, banana nut, orange blossom, carrot, bran, and pumpkin. Experience mouth watering Maine wild blueberries bursting through the golden muffin crust; tangy New England cranberries; apples and cinnamon. Available in two sizes, these products develop and retain customer loyalty and high demand month after month, year after year.



Bert Morin, whose home on Bosworth Street was on the bakery trail, witnessed the weekly parade, "Well, I can tell you, sitting here Sunday morning I'd sit on the porch here and see hundreds of cars go by there after church to go pick up their chocolate donuts.. There was no greater treat for a youngster of French Island than to run to the bakery after church to savor the delicious taste of a hot chocolate-sugared donut.


Jelly Rolls

The juniors are packaged in twos, fours, or sixes and come in strawberry, chocolate, red velvet, lemon, and pumpkin. The large come in strawberry and chocolate and are great decorating projects for in store bakeries. Jelly rolls are a newer item for LaBrees and have been one of our top sellers. These come as large 20 oz rolls or in a junior size.