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By: Labelingsystems  09-12-2011
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"Labeling Systems LLC. is a leading designer and manufacturer of pressure sensitive labeling equipment and systems for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods companies. LSI offers a range of products, including stand alone labeling heads, turnkey systems as well as custom solutions all designed to operate in a 24/7 production environment."

Labeling Systems has an extensive line of labeling solutions, including stand alone print and apply label applicators, turnkey decorative label systems and custom labeling solutions.

The print and apply labeling equipment from LSI provides a wide range of configurations for print and apply label applications. The print engines on the print and apply labeling heads are available from Sato, Zebra & Datamax.

Because of the design of these print and apply labelers, they are able to work in nearly any environment. These high volume print and apply labelers come in the




The semi-automatic labeling systems offered by LSI are ideal for any of your start-up operations or short production runs. The semi-automatic labeling machines offer a tabletop design that gives the equipment both portability and flexibility.

There are over 30 standard label applicators and custom label applicators that LSI offers. The line of label applicators that are offered apply pressure sensitive labels to different products by different methods. Any of LSI's label applicator heads are able to deliver repeatable label placement accuracy.

LSI offers different types of label applicators. The label applicator type that you use is based on your product as well as how and where the labels are to be applied to your product.

Using infeed spacing devices, top hold down drives and conveyor systems, LSI's delivers turnkey labeling solutions.

LSI's provides stand alone head mountings, such as T-Base stands for portability.

Keywords: Labeling, Labeling Machines, Labeling Systems, Print And Apply Labeling Heads