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By: La Câlinerie  09-12-2011

card's holder to geta stampfor every$ 20purchasebefore taxesand geta gift certificatefor$ 15applicableon thenext purchase,when the card iscompleted.The card is validfor one yearandbecomes voidafter one yeareven if ithas not been completed.

Can not be combinedwith any other offer,not redeemable for cashnon-refundableor transferable.

Not applicable onthe cloth diapers sets.

This offeris validonly atthe store ofQuebec.It is not validin theonline store.programfor our customers tothe online storeis under construction.

Ifatransactionis paid bya credit note, the number ofstampsis based onthe balanceto be paid beforetaxes.

Ifagift certificate,the stampsare madewhen purchasingthe gift certificateand notinuse.

This card is theresponsibility of the customer.It must be presentedattime of purchase.

The card is personaland can not beshared.

reserves theright to removethe card, put itin forceor abolish theprogram at any time.
reserves theright to cancelthe cardat any timeif the useof the cardappeared fraudulent.

Certain other conditions may apply. Contact a counselor for more information.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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