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By: L R Wechsler  09-12-2011
Keywords: Business Planning, Disaster Recovery, technology consulting

Following is a high-level summary of the contents of this document - describing L. R.Wechsler, Ltd. (LRWL), our experience in support of public employee and teacher retirement systems, areas of expertise, and project descriptions. We encourage readers to review the entire document to better understand our philosophy and approach to serving our clients.

L. R. Wechsler, Ltd. (LRWL) is a consulting firm whose focus, over recent years, has been on supporting the management and technology consulting needs of Public Employees' and Teachers' Retirement Systems. LRWL has provided consulting services to forty-one public retirement system clients. While many of our major projects result in new automated retirement systems, we do not provide such implementation services. We assist retirement system clients in obtaining services of the "best-fit" implementation vendors for them, and we then facilitate the project, provide oversight services, and protect the client's interests.

Our overall services related to process improvement, planning, and procurement include:

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

  • Identify, review, and document clients' current business processes
  • Identify and document areas for improvement and reengineering
  • Assist in implementing process reengineering recommendations


  • Strategic and business planning
  • Information technology (IT) planning
  • Disaster recovery planning (DRP)
  • Business continuity planning (BCP)
  • Developing work breakdown structure
  • Establishing project milestones
  • Assigning resources
  • Identifying task dependencies
  • Scheduling tasks
  • Producing project Gantt chart
  • Tracking progress against project plan
  • Periodically updating project plan

Needs Assessment

  • Review and document current work processes and business rules
  • Technology assessments
  • Best practices assessments
  • Requirements definitions

RFP Production and Implementation

  • Identification of RFP requirements in addition to functional needs
  • Definition of data requirements
  • Definition of process and organizational change requirements
  • Definition of project staffing requirements
  • Definition of vendor payment points
  • Definition of procurement terms and conditions
  • Assembly of RFP attachments
  • Definition of optional project elements

Procurement Assistance (Bid Assessment)

  • Develop evaluation methodologies and selection criteria
  • Conduct pre-proposal bidders conferences
  • Prepare answers to bidder questions
  • Request clarifications from bidders
  • Conduct bidder reference checks
  • Develop and facilitate the conduct of product demonstration scenarios
  • Facilitate objective scoring of technical and cost proposals
  • Working with management and attorneys, negotiate contracts on the client's behalf

Oversight Project Management and Quality Assurance

After the client selects the implementation vendor, LRWL helps to ensure the implementation will best serve the client's needs. We monitor schedules, review products and processes, and help minimize implementation vendor change order costs for "out-of-scope" work. At its highest level, this includes oversight project management and quality assurance activities such as:

  • Breaking the project into manageable work units
  • Establishing sign-off processes
  • Reviewing and commenting on project deliverables
  • Facilitating meetings, requirements sessions, testing activities
  • Assuring that minutes are distributed and action items are identified
  • Monitoring solution provider's project approach
  • Monitoring compliance with project requirements
  • Contingency planning and risk mitigation
  • Assisting in issues resolution
  • Assuring the quality of both products and processes

Operational Support

In addition, LRWL can assist the client in ensuring that the requisite staff, process, and infrastructure are in place on an ongoing basis. This may include the following operational support activities:

  • Review staffing and organizational reporting
  • Facilities support
  • Identify "quick hit" Improvements
  • Redesign of forms and letters
  • Development and implementation of performance metrics
  • Survey other retirement systems

L.R. Wechsler. Ltd. has real-world experience and is committed to providing clients with the most cost-effective solution to their needs. We provide senior level consultants at reasonable rates. Unlike some competitors, we have no other product or service to sell. We are the most cost-effective alternative. We are committed to the public employee retirement system market. Our repository of reusable materials - including oversight management and RFP documents - are customized and prove invaluable to clients.

We suggest that you might want to contact our previous clients to learn how our comprehensive services have led to cost-effective solutions that are sensitive to each client's "culture" and specific needs.

The table below presents a profile/summary of LRWL's public retirement system clients.
New York SLRS 142.6 601.3 342.2 943.5 3001YesNo750

New Jersey DPB

74.7 543.4 219.9 763.3 1710YesNo348
Ohio PERS 72.0 370.0 150.0 520.0 3800YesNo600

North Carolina DST RSD

64.7 536.0 189.1 725.1 1600YesNo163

Michigan ORS

53.4 356.8 200.8 557.6893YesNo195

Pennsylvania PSERS (School)

51.9 255.0 156.0 411.0734YesYes290

Georgia TRS

44.6 263.8 66.3 330.1375YesNo135

Virginia Retirement System

41.6 325.0 119.4 444.4798YesNo300
New York City ERS 35.5 175.0 127.3 302.311YesNo200
Massachusetts TRS 32.6 88.0 42.2 130.2409YesYes100
Maryland SRA 32.1 100.2 188.1 288.3139YesYes225

Pennsylvania SERS (State)

28.8 110.0 98.7 208.7108YesYes197
Tennessee CRS 28.0 204.7 89.8 294.5444YesNo90

Missouri PERS/NTRS

25.8 46.6 16.1 62.7536YesNo102
Nevada PERS19.5100.031.0131.0170YesYes53
Iowa PERS 18.8 160.9 79.6 240.5 2388YesNo88
Mississippi PERS 17.4 282.3 67.0 349.3879YesNo145

Georgia ERS

14.8 74.4 31.5 105.9530YesNo115
Kentucky RS 14.3 143.1 69.3 212.4 1751YesNo245

Indiana PERF (State)

13.0 155.1 54.4 209.5 1100YesNo136
Kansas PERS 11.3 147.8 61.1 208.9 1461YesNo84
Illinois SERS 10.5 69.2 54.8 124.076YesNo70

New Mexico PERA

10.3 66.9 22.3 89.2689YesYes84

Hawaii ERS

9.2 63.1 33.3 96.45YesYes74

Maine SRS

9.0 52.4 32.3 84.7651YesYes137

Idaho PERS

8.5 64.4 27.2 91.6684YesYes58

Indiana TRF (School)

7.2 73.9 38.5 112.4386NoNo42

Louisiana SERS

7.1 64.2 30.5 94.7352YesNo133

Rhode Island ERS

6.3 27.7 17.1 44.8110YesNo26

Oklahoma PERS

5.5 43.9 22.4 66.3267YesNo54
San Bernardino County ERA4.620.05.825.810YesNo30
Contra Costa County ERA4.
Milwaukee ERS4.512.114.226.36YesNo40
New Hampshire RS4.
State-Boston RB3.
Colorado FPPA2.914.87.021.8865YesNo25
Vermont OST/RD2.724.29.533.7400YesNo15
Kern County2.
Fairfax County ERS2.314.54.919.41YesNo32
North Dakota PERS1.717.96.023.9360YesNo30
Virgin Islands GERS1.99.35.514.842YesYes89

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