By: Kuka Control  09-12-2011
Keywords: Operating Systems, Real-time Operating System

What is VxWin®?

VxWorks® from Wind River is one of the leading real-time operating systems in the world. In numerous control or embedded solutions VxWorks® handles the real-time tasks combined with a Windows®-PC for visualization, database programming and/or ERP connection.

VxWin® allows Windows® XP(e)/Vista to be installed together with Wind River's VxWorks® on the same machine while keeping its full real-time capabilities.

The dual-OS system combining the universally known Windows® XP(e)/2000 communication and graphic capabilities with the powerful VxWin® hard real-time operating system offering many features and benefits:

Keywords: Operating Systems, Real-time Operating System

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Shipped with VmfWin the example Mini RTOS and Mini BSP serve as a starting point for porting a new RTOS on top of this platform.This simple implementation shows how to use the platform's hardware abstraction layer and how to set up the processor memory management unit as well as starting further CPU cores to run a SMP system.


KUKA RTOS - Virtualizing Real-Time Operating Systems with Windows

Some of the reasons for the big commercial success since then are the well known and accepted Human Machine Interface of Windows technology and the flexibility and cost effectiveness of the PC technology. The controlling of the robot movement in hard real time is done by the RTOS VxWorks, which runs together with Windows on the industrial PC of the robot controller.



It offers a number of distinct advantages: It has a small footprint, is very fast, hardware control interrupts can be accessed easily and it looks and feels like Windows.CeWin® allows Windows® CE to be installed together with Windows XP/Vista on the same machine while keeping its full real-time capabilities.


KUKA RTOS - Products

The RTOS may either run with highest priority together with Windows® on the same CPU core or it may exclusively facilitate one ore more CPU cores.Running different real-time operating systems as well as different instances of the same RTOS on different CPU cores is possible.