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Math and Reading Enrichment Centre Grades 1- 8

Rote Learning Program

Monday to Thursday After School 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Free Placement Test

Enrollment Fee: $75/month (min. 3 month registration)

Concept: Example based worksheets are assigned by our instructors outlining specific concepts. Students are challenged to complete exercises based on the example provided. Each new worksheet and exercise increases in difficulty level. Students progress moderately and absorb the learning concept. For your child to move onto the next level they must master the concept they are working on. Student material is scored and marks are tallied to determine concept mastery. Exercises are assigned every session. Students can attend the centre from Monday to Thursday. Daily exercises usually take between 20-30 minutes to complete. Students are not sent home until they have skillfully and successfully completed the daily activity. The KUDO method is based on the teaching methods of Seki Takakazu. The 17th century Japanese mathematicianchallenged himself with problems and methodically solved them in a logical sequence dubbed the “Elimination Theory”.The Kudo learning system allows your child to progress naturally and confidently while reinforcing concepts learned in day school. At Kudo the sky s the limit!

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Keywords: Learning System, Math, school