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By: Ks2  09-12-2011
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Darby Sieben - » iphone

This is Rendering on a iPhone (and is not mobile enhanced content):

Home Page:

Hours of Operations Page:

This is Mobile Enhanced Content:

Home Page:

Hours of Operations Page:

As a user – which one your you prefer to land on?

Mobile enhanced content basically means rendering for the native device in which the user is viewing, which really means that your website designer need to put some specific code on your website that detects the users device and serves up content formatted for that device.

Normally, mobile sites will consist of less content than website. Keep in simple – a) what you do, b) hours of operations, c) map and driving directions (you can usually use the native device for this), d) what you sell. Keep all the enhanced content, flash, massive photo galleris and in some cases if you have advanced forms or e-commerce off you mobile site; devices are too small and in mobile, LESS = MORE.

To recap:

1) If you don’t own a iPhone or Blackberry, find somebody who does and type in your website URL on the phone’s browser
2) If your site looks like the first example above, it is not mobile enhanced, call your web designer and if he/she can’t help, fire them and find somebody else
3) If your site looks like the second example above, then you are good to go

What About Mobile Marketing in Canada?



The above are mobile web. In the application space, Google does not disclose its download numbers, but YellowPages.ca has now been downloaded over 1.8M times, which by all accounts makes it the most downloaded local application in Canada. At this point, any content that you have on YellowPages.ca is automatically ported over to YellowPages.ca Mobile + YellowPages.ca Mobile Applications, so SMBs are getting growing coverage.

Screenshot of iPad Application Search Results:

Enhanced SMB Content on the iPad:

In Conclusion …. 3 Tips for Canadian SMBs on Mobile Thinking

1) Make sure your content is mobile enhanced on your website URL (talk to your web design company)

2) Make sure your content is distributed in YellowPages.ca and Google (this will give you the majority of coverage and at this point is included in both offerings, no need to pay extra)

3) In your analytics, track the number of mobile views (you will probably be surprised at the increasing number of your customers who are accessing your basic business data via mobile).

Overtime as the mobile space heats up, this simplified strategy will change, but for now, keep it simple, prep your content and start to monitor usage.

Keywords: Web Design

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Type in any local query, such as Dentists or2) type in Dentists, Location if you want to search outside of your location. If this is the first time you visit this page, Yahoo will ask you to use your location. You can do this by typing in Yahoo.com or Yahoo.ca or going directly to m.Yahoo.com. So what do you think of this integration. Now you have two search options. Check out Yahoo on your iPhone.


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However, if you are a lucky Canadian to own either a Blackberry or an iPhone, the Yellow Pages™ Mobile applications for and are currently the only integrated mobile apps that provide business, residential and reverse lookup services. On the business side I will highlight what every business owner in Canada needs to know to ensure that their business is accessible via voice search, even if you a cellular only business.


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Another piece of news today is that the new YellowPages.ca application is a featured application in the iTunes store – this is pretty big news as you can’t buy your way to this placement, your application has to be deemed pretty good for the Apple editorial team to pick up. 2010 (features included hot links to popular categories, streamlined and more intuitive interface, all YP.ca content including videos and photos.


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