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Services - Prairie Land Services, Inc. can assist you, our clients in several ways.

Customer Location - We provide customer location services, commonly referred to as skip tracing. This service can be done in conjunction with a repossession order or by itself.  a. With a repossession order, the service itself is ‘in addition’ to the recovery and carries with it a fee structure you must approve first. Should you elect to have us find the unit, we will. Once found and recovered, there will be just one invoice to pay.  b. A stand alone Skip. Your loan does not have to have security on to lose track of your customers. Many creditors have lost track of their customers. No matter as to why you have lost them, you have a (deficiency) balance that needs to be paid. We will locate the customer’s residence or employment, or both. Once they are found, we will report back to you. Many people are found within 30 days if not sooner. Collateral Repossession - Coordinate All Phases of Repossession – We will recover your unit! We will not stop working your account until the unit is picked up, at which time we will obtain a Condition Report and fax this to you. Many times, we recover collateral with ‘stuff’ inside. This is referred to as the customer property. Anything that is NOT attached to the unit is inventoried and keep in a secured area until the customer can come pick it up. If the customer is not able to redeem the property found in the unit, we can ship it to them C.O.D. They just need to call us to make arrangements. Once the unit is on our lot, you are in control of the unit and we will follow your instructions in the matter. If you wish to get the unit to an auction, see transportation.Sometimes, the customer wants to do what is right and honest: give up the unit if they can not afford it. We offer, at a discount to our normal recovery rate, a service called Voluntary repossession. We will discreetly call your customer and set up a time and place (sometimes this is at a different location than the home address) to pick up the unit. We will not force a voluntary recovery! If the customer does not want to surrender the unit, you will be notified as soon as possible.Referral Service - Should your collateral be located out our service area, we will assign the account for repossession to licensed, bonded and insured repossession agency, using Time Financial Adjusters on a national basis. If you have your own list of agents, we'll coordinate the entire process using one of your pre-approved agents or if you prefer to coordinate the repossession process yourself, we will work with your analyst or agent and them in touch with a certified recovery specialist. Verifying Information - Sometimes you just need to know. You may need to know if the customer still lives at your last known address, or if the story is true about the so call accident, or whatever the case is, we provide a service called Condition reporting. This is when we will travel to the last known address and verify the customer’s information and the condition of the unit. We will also obtain a condition report of the unit (and pictures if necessary). We are not a collection agency, therefore, we will not ask the customer to contact you for payment arrangements or make any mention of payments or past due amounts.Reasonable efforts - Sometimes the customer is waiting for us and sometimes we just have to speak to the customer to get more details as to the location of the collateral. We are not a collection agency, but during these times the customer may want to keep the collateral and is willing to bring the account current or pay off the note entirely. They will make contact with you because of our efforts. Should you want to work with the customer, we will follow your instructions on this issue. We never collect money - we always refer the matter to your customer service manager and let them make whatever decisions they like. When this situation arises, we will hold the account until you are satisfied. Process service - Sometimes, the customer leaves us and you, little to no choice but to take legal action against them. In the State of Kansas, filing a replevin is a very simple and inexpensive way of getting your collateral back. Should this step be taken, we are able to process the replevin order issued by your attorney. We have worked with many of the attorneys in the area as well as all over the state. Once you have contacted you attorney for the replevin, have their office contact us so we can work with their office, the sheriff and the courts so the process is as smooth as possible. If you are not sure who to use, please give us a call and we can refer you to them.Asset Location - Once you have repossessed your collateral, you may have won a default judgment. A default judgment is only as good as your ability to serve a garnishment on their assets. Whether you are looking for a bank account, titled property or just a payment to attach, we will locate the assets you request and report back to both your attorney and your offices. Transportation - Once the unit is ‘on lot’, you may want the car or truck delivered to an auction. We provide transportation of your unit to any auction in the area. Maybe you want to the unit brought to you? We provide a drive away service to get the unit to you as quickly as possible.Auction Services - Many people are not sure as to how to sell their collateral. And we don’t blame you, you don’t have time to be a banker and a car sells-person. We work with all the auctions in the area and are a part of a network of both online and ‘stick and brick’ auctions. We can get bids, run the unit through the auction or refer you to the closest auction for your unit. Operations - No Project is too Large or too Small - Some of our clients place as few as ten accounts per month. Others place well over a thousand a month. Large or small, we have the resources to manage your portfolio.Locksmithing - Once the car is ‘on lot’, the customer, although required by law, may not give up their set of keys. We have the equipment to make keys to just about anything we recover. Some units require that they are taken to the dealership to have the keys made, we can provide a tow service to get the car there and a drive away service to get the unit back. Security & Destruction of Records - Prairie Land Services, Inc. maintains the strictest of security. Only employees of Prairie Land Services, Inc. are allowed in the offices. All account files are kept in locked file cabinets overnight and only retrieved by the responsible agent. Closed files are kept locked up for a period of 2 years*. At the end of that time, each file is shredded and destroyed. *longer if necessaryHold Harmless - We believe in protecting you, our client. We also believe in protecting ourselves. We do this in several ways: 1) Hold Harmless Included in our standard agreement.
2) Insurance: Prairie Land Services, Inc. is licensed and insured and list your company on our accord form.
3) Legal Compliance According to our attorney and education on these regulations is an on-going process and compliance is mandatory.
4) industry standard training and certification program. All of our agents are required to be certified by the Matrix Educational System within 90 days of their hire date. Office personal are certified using an internal system much like that of the Matrix Educational System.But, doesn't it all come down to integrity and using good sense. We think so. Selecting the most experienced agents, keeping them up to date on federal regulations and good sense is worth as much as all of the insurance we can buy.

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