Quantica® Real-Time Nucleic Acid Detection System

By: Krackeler  09-12-2011

Techne's Quantica® is a real-time nucleic acid detection system designed with the advantage of having an open architecture and chemistry format that allows the end user full flexibility in the methods and research they wish to pursue. The system provides at least comparable sensitivity and reproducibility with greater flexibility than many competitive instruments currently and consists of a 96 x 2.0mL well, Peltier block machine with quad circuit technology to enhance performance.

Quantica® features a solid state white light source and a PMT (photomultiplier tube) detector that gives an impressive excitation range of 470nm to 650nm and a detection range of 500nm to 710nm. Multiplex wavelengths are detectable per sample using up to four paired excitation and emission filters housed in individual cartridge systems. Wide dynamic range with up at least 9 orders of magnitude from starting copy number and high sensitivity detecting down to 1nm fluorescein and single copy templates, depending upon the assay.

The unit is also equipped with a flexible heated lid system designed to minimize loss of valuable samples and prevent condensation. The lid features adjustable temperature control between 100° and 115°C in 1°C increments and allows further optimization where pre-incubation stages may be required or where changes in the heated lid characteristics are needed during the different stages of a program run.

Techne's unique, intuitive Quansoft® software perfectly accompanies the Quantica® system. By employing a series of user-friendly windows, Quansoft® enables any real-time experiment to be created with ease.

  • Ramp rates up to 2.2°C/sec
  • Temperature range of 4 to 98°C
  • Block uniformity is better than ±0.3°C at 50°C.
  • PC connectivity: USB, OS Win XP SP3 or higher and Win 7 (one unit per PC)

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