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By: Koves Technologies  09-12-2011

Technology Has Breathed New Life into Websites

Web designers have always been restrained by the limits of the “average” internet user, in terms of computer processing, screen resolutions, download speeds, memory and browser capabilities. They still are restrained, of course, but today’s average net user has much faster and better technologies than was the case just a few years back; and that means that we are finally at a stage where brilliant interactive design and animated demonstrations can be placed in the main body of websites without fear of incompatibility or the need to download and play later. This exciting development has opened the doors to a new level of interactivity, with users on the other side of the planet being able to tour your conference center, inspect your product or navigate around your website in captivating and intuitive ways.

Redefining the Word “Website”

It really is as fundamental as a shift in the way we think of the internet. Applications that have long been available offline such as 3-D graphics packages, movie editors and multiplayer games can now be run on browsers with startlingly usable results. Entire websites can be built in a Flash environment that allow you to make every visit a unique and satisfying one. In fact, we are almost at a point where more or less any visual tool you can think of can now be viewed in any browser; if you’re looking for a way to make your website stand out in terms of attractiveness and ease of use, our designers are full of ideas.

There will always be a place for the simple, static, rectangular website and when rectangles are the best way to present an idea, we can and will resist the lure of interaction, curves and motion. But in terms of options, the boundaries have been completely removed. The interactive world is within your reach and that of your precious visitors in every country in the world. If you’ve got an idea or just a fragment of an idea, talk to us about how we can bring it to life.

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