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By: Kottlers Of Cape Town  09-12-2011
Keywords: Rugs, Ostrich Eggs, Zebra Skins

Many people have walked into a curios shop looking for African gifts, Genuine rugs and African Curios at one time or another - and, if you think back, they always have that unique scent unique to a place of adventure from far away. 

The elusive fragrances of spices, the aromas of handcrafted wooden objects, and the faint mustiness that seems to always accompany rugs, curios, skins and other items of great age and intrinsic value..

Kottlers of Cape Town is exactly like that - but there is another unique feature to add to the rich tapestry of African gifts, zebra rugs and curios - We have been in business for over a century and are known world-wide for our top quality merchandise.

Kottlers of Cape Town have been  African Curios specialists since 1896 and are also African curios specialists in:
Superb high quality zebra rugs, animal skin, animal skin rugs, animal pelts, animal rugs, animal skin cushions, animal skin pillows, animal cushions, animal pillows, skin rugs and other African Gifts, in their warehouse.

Not just real African zebra rugs and exotic zebra pelts are offered!

We have Kudu rugs /hides, Impala rugs/hides.. In fact just about every kind of legal Skin is available from the zebra hide professionals - including Lion Skins!

Kottlers of Cape Town

The leaders in Gifts, Curios, Hides, Skins, Zebra Rugs and Zebra Skins for more than a century

Silver Pewter Wild Animal

Serviette Rings / Napkin Rings

Buffalo Horn Gold Jewellery

We also stock exquisite selections of engraved crystal glassware featuring etched crystal glassware images of wild animals and trees on the glasses.

The guinea fowl ceramic crockery is eye catching in it's variety and midnight blue colour.

We also have African chess sets.

These sets are very unusual, however as all of the chess pieces are mouldings of African Tribes or Wild Animals!

The African decoupage ostrich eggs have 36 layers of varnish giving them that superior glossy look and feel. They come with beautiful stands that compliment the eggs superbly!

The plain Ostrich Eggs are intricately carved with African animals or stars and make excellent lamps. 

Kottlers has Ostrich fashion in everything from ostrich feather boas - to knitted mohair shawls made with real ostrich feathers - to ostrich leather handbags and ostrich leather credit card holders.

Keywords: African Curios, Ostrich Eggs, Rugs, Zebra Pelts, Zebra Skins,