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Morning Favorites

Scones - These are classic KNEADS treats. Don't like scones? You haven't tried on from KNEADS yet. $2.50 each

Croissants - Chances are good that you've never had an all-butter, hand-made croissant before. Try all four flavors and shapes: Chocolate-Almond, Apricot, Cinnamon, and Ham&Cheese. $2.00-4.00

Sweet Cheese Rolls - What happens when you put a big scoop of blended ricotta and cream cheese into a soft, rich sweet roll? You get a KNEADS favorite. Topped with berry preserves, these rolls are real crowd pleasers. $3.00 each

Pumpkin Jazz - This dense, dynamite bar is a fusion of moist pumpkin and tasty cornbread. I throw in some dried cranberries and a ginger topping to make sure your mouth doesn't get bored. $2.00

Lion Bars - Leah created these specifically for the non-dairy crowd. She wanted to indulge her butter-free friends and devised a recipe good enough for KNEADS but with 100% whole wheat, oats, coconut, and raisins. Perfect for a long drive or a day of outdoor adventures. $2.00

Triple Berry Coconut Bars - An oatmeal & Whole wheat shortbread crust supports a layer of fruit preserves topped with coconut. Substantial enough for breakfast, light enough for a snack, sweet enough for dessert. Who could ask for anything more? $2.50

Cinnamon Rolls - Friday and Saturdays only

Leah first attempted whole wheat cinnamon rolls to prove that they couldn't be yummy enough for KNEADS' customers. Boy, was she wrong. These tender treats would be divine even if they weren't packed with raisins, but they are! $3.00 each

Sweet Treats

Mom's Fabulous Fudge - This is the stuff that Leah was raised on..and her Mom didn't raise her to eat a dry, gritty brick and call it fudge. This stuff is creamy, soft, and will make you wish you'd grown up at Leah's house. $1.50

Chocolate Chip Cookie - This is a classic made with all butter and Hershey's semi-sweet chips. Sometimes we use the mini-chips, and sometimes the big ones, depending on our mood. $1.50

Ginger Oatmeal Cookie - No, it doesn't have raisins, but it does have a warming dose of ginger that makes it way more fun than the average crispy-edged-soft-centered oatmeal treat. $1.50

Java Brownie - This is the standard to which all other Brownies are compared. More than one customer has said, "This is the best Brownie I've ever had in my life." Is this what your life has been missing? $2.50


All cakes 9" rounds, either single or double layer, $15 and $25 respectively. They are made to order, and the more advance notice you give me, the more I love it.

Turbo Chocolate - Gotta have chocolate? This is a dense cake covered in bittersweet ganache and topped with a sour cream chocolate frosting. Not your average chocolate-with-chocolate-and-chocolate creation.

Lemon-Marionberry - This is the perfect solution to the 'something not-chocolate" problem. Light, elegant lemon cake layered with seedless marionberry preserves. Covered in cream cheese frosting!

Carrot Cake - Cream Cheese frosting makes the world a better place - but what better place for it than on a classic carrot cake? No raisins, pineapple or even nuts. This is uncomplicated and unbeatable.

Pies & Tarts

Tarts are elegant, open-faced pies in a shallow, buttery crust. They are available in a range of sizes from 4" to 11" and are made to order only.

Pies are made with a dairy-free, 100% Whole Wheat crust and topped with a lightly spiced streusel.

Awesome Apple Pie - Good ol' Granny Smith apples are cooked with ginger and other yummy spices. An American classic, suitable (and scrumptious) for vegans. $12.00

Luscious Lemon Tart - Big, gorgeous lemon flavor with a touch of cream cheese - just because we can! $20.00

Key Lime Tart - Real Key Lime juice is more tart than the usual Persian limes, so what better place for it than Leah's favorite tart? 20.00

Pecan Delight Tart - The luckiest nuts in the world wallow in a honey caramel. 'Nuf said. $25.00

Turtle Magic Tart - Same as Pecan Delight, but the wallowing is hidden under a blanket of chocolate. Way, way over-the-top. $25.00


Breads are baked fresh each morning in hand-shaped, 20-ounce rounds (except the baguettes which are long and skinny). Thee are no preservatives added to extend 'shelf-life', but all the breads freeze very well. In fact, breads that don't sell the day that they are baked are available from the freezer for half-price, so be sure to ask, especially if you are planning to make croutons, bread pudding, or French toast.

Italian - good substantial white bread. $5.00
Birds' Envy - Honey Wheat is graced by a mixture of flax and other fabulous seeds. $5.00

Cinnamon Bread Day!! Rich, tender bread is rolled around as much cinnamon sugar as I can get in there. French toast anyone? $5.00

Honey Wheat- This has been a favorite since it was first introduced. You have to taste it to know that no other wheat bread will do. $5.00

Birds' Envy- Honey Wheat is graced by a mixture of flax and other fabulous seeds. $5.00

Every day
Pesto Rolls are Italian bread stuffed with a basil pesto, caramelized onions and parmesan cheese. They make a great quick lunch or pair well with a salad or bowl of soup for an easy dinner. $3.00
Dinner Rolls - I often bake 8 rolls together in a round pan. Perfect for a family meal or a potluck gathering.

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