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By: Kitsilano  09-12-2011

Category: Local Politics

The Kitsilano Neighbourhood House is here to help. They’re hosting a Vancouver Election: Candidates Meeting on Saturday, November 12th from 10am to noon at the Kits House Hall at the corner of 7th and Vine. City Council Candidates will be in attendance and light refreshments provided.

According to Balfour, when global oil production tops out, we’ll have to grow more food locally.  But Anton’s support of back-yard gardening doesn’t take into account that you can’t feed a city with garden plots. He says it’s not enough.

Balfour has built his career on planning for the future. He told the Straight “There are huge vested interests in doing what we do, keeping going as long as possible. Even if it means killing the planet, they’ll keep on doing it. They’ve got such a short view of the future of the world.”

According to Elections BC, Premier Christy Clark Clark narrowly won with 6,438 votes over the NDP’s David Eby’ 5,975 votes in the Vancouver-Point Grey by-election last night.

Last night the mood in the Clark camp alternated between despair and joy as Clark and Eby traded the lead throughout the night. Eby was ahead for most of the evening until the final screen flash showed the unofficial result.

Even though Eby was narrowly defeated, Eby’s near win clearly bodes well for the NDP in an upcoming provincial election.

How do you feel about last night’s results? Did the best candidate win?

  1. Bayview Community School, 2251 Collingwood Street
  2. General Gordon Elementary School, 2896  West 6th Avenue
  3. Kitsilano Community Centre, 2690 Larch Street
  4. Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, 2325  West 7 Avenue
  5. Kitsilano Secondary School, 2550 West 10th Avenue
  6. Lord Byng Secondary School, 3939 West 16th Avenue
  7. Old Barn Community Centre, 6308 Thunderbird Blvd
  8. Point Grey Community Church, 3512  West 7th Avenue
  9. Queen Mary Elementary School, 2000 Trimble Street
  10. St. Augustine’s Church, 2028  West 7th Avenue
  11. St. James Community Square, 3214  West 10th Avenue
  12. St. Marks Anglican Church, 1805 Larch Street
  13. Steeves Manor, 1985 Wallace Street
  14. Student Union Building, 6138 Student Union Mall
  15. University Hill Elementary School, 5395 Chancellor Blvd
  16. University Hill Secondary School, 2896 Acadia Road
  17. West Point Grey United Church, 4595  West 8th Avenue

During a radio interview today, Clark explained that she’s “too busy running the province” to participate in an all-candidates debate in advance of the Point Grey by-election next week.

But the Premier’s decision not to enter at least one all-candidates debate does not reflect well on her. In fact, it’s a position that demonstrates a fair amount of contempt for the Point Grey voter.

No space in her schedule for a two-hour debate? Really? But she does have time to throw on an apron and pretend to be a waitress for a couple of hours? This, we’re told, so the Premier could “spend a bit of time walking in someone else’s shoes.”


It was a cynical and crass publicity stunt designed to draw attention to the government’s decision to raise the minimum wage – a move for which Ms. Clark deserves full credit. It should have happened a long time ago under the Liberals. She didn’t need to sully a good public policy decision with a blindingly transparent, carefully orchestrated photo-op purely intended to accrue positive publicity.

The Premier has no more appreciation now of the life of a person living on minimum wage than she did before she and her political strategists decided it might be good for her numbers if she served coffee for a couple of hours in a diner. Ms. Clark makes nearly $200,000 a year, plus benefits most people can only dream of. Spend a year on minimum wage, Premier, and your fact-finding mission might not look quite as patronizing.

But back to the debate.

By now, Christy Clark the radio host would have asked Premier Clark what she is afraid of? Why she is refusing to put her candidacy up to the scrutiny of an all-candidates debate? Especially given that the Premier campaigned during the Liberal leadership race on a promise to be more open and transparent. What does she have to lose?

The answer is more than the other guys.

That is why Ms. Clark is not debating; because she has more to lose than anyone else in the debate, especially NDP candidate David Eby. She would inevitably be asked questions that would be uncomfortable. (About her connections to the BC Rail scandal, perhaps.) Plus, a debate would only serve to give Mr. Eby publicity that he is having trouble generating on his own. So why give him that platform?

The answer is because it’s the right thing to do. When you run in an election, you are expected to field questions from your opponents. It is a crucial test of your candidacy. It is practically a fundamental tenet of our democratic system. You don’t say you don’t have time because you’re the Premier. If you can’t find two hours in your schedule to attend an all-candidates meeting, how do you expect to represent the riding once you’re elected?

Do you support Christy Clark in her decision to skip the all-candidates debate? And does Eby have a chance next week? Who are you voting for?

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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