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By: Kitchening With Carly  09-12-2011

Have you been looking for THE ULTIMATE pastry recipe? If so, you’re not alone. I mean, there are lots of decent ones out there (and I should probably add that there are lots of very poor ones out there too), but I’m talking about having that go-to, name in lights (or at least at all the family functions), epic pastry.

On this note, over Thanksgiving I tried two pastry recipes. One very typical recipe – butter, water, flour and salt, and one I’d learned in France that was used for tarts, quiches & the like. It has the addition of egg & potato flour. I grew up on pastry with Crisco and though my mom’s pies are always OUTSTANDING, I really wanted to try to learn a recipe that was more natural. Now, let’s open this up for discussion and sharing. What fat are you on board with for your pastry making? Is it butter (dairy product)? Is it lard (pig fat)? What do you look for in a crust’s texture, sound, appearance, feel, flavour? Please don’t be shy. Hey, if you have a pastry recipe you love and are willing to share, maybe I’ll try it out and feature it in another post!

Verdict: I’m still on the hunt for my epic pastry. As you can see though, the pursuit isn’t too onerous.

The other night, with a great package of stewing beef and an extra large bottle of French wine for inspiration, we created THE MOST AMAZING Beef Bourguignon. Daniel took lead on this, but actually in all fairness I think it was more like the lead, the duration and the crossing of the finish-line that he needs to be credited with! I did make the decision that we should have Beef Bourguignon and also gathered up all the ingredients, if that counts for something. Oh, I also enjoyed the remainder of the red wine from marinating the stew. After all, someone needs to fill these key kitchen roles, and I was happy to oblige.

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I was delighted to be asked to sample macarons during Township 7?s Anniversary Celebration last weekend and relished in having free reign to pair three of our macarons with Township 7 wines. We heard “I thought these were soaps” several times before the sweet cookie and butter cream of our macarons changed any notions of finding cleaning products at our table.


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To make a long story short, we all crammed in one of our 2-man tents to get relief and socialize, my face swelled up badly from excessive bites and we took off the next morning for Whistler Village. One big suite in the village, a free Sam Robert’s concert and some celebrating later, finished up the weekend with smiles and great stories.