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By: Kismet Consulting  09-12-2011

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In our team cohesion programs, we focus on the ways a group of people works together to achieve a goal. This is the intersection of behavioral strategy and business results. Here we work with a team to raise awareness of its strengths, and to identify the challenges it faces. We customize our programs according to a team’s needs. We help to identify and remove what gets in the way of the dialogue necessary for long-term success. With an emphasis on individual and team accountability, we foster an empowering context that will lead to an atmosphere of greater positivity, trust, and unprecedented achievement.

Effective teams are made up of people who put individual agendas aside to focus on their shared goal. By asking what that team needs, and asking what is trying to happen in a given situation, a team can determine how to align its efforts and its intentions.

The Cornerstones of our Philosophy:

Our Clients are Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole:
A relationship builds its own momentum, and the individuals within the relationship can provide support, ideas, and creative spark. Even when communication breaks down, the relationship system has what it needs to meet and to exceed expectations. In a breakdown, new opportunities always come to the surface, and in a positive environment these opportunities are not missed.

Coach the Whole System:

By coaching the whole system, rather than aspects or single events, we are able to explore the issues in their natural and holistic context.Conscious, Intentional Relationship:
A vital alliance is established between Kismet and the client. This is the ongoing relationship – the coaching relationship -- at the heart of our programs. In this alliance we work together to determine what success can look like, visualize a path and begin to forward the action. We identify the obstacles present, and recognize what can be done to clear the way. Kismet’s method is based on Systems Coaching Theory. Sustainable results happen over 6-9 month period of
consistent and direct attention to overcoming the system’s blocks.Our inspirations:
Relationship Systems Coaching Theory
Center for Right Relationship
Daniel Goleman
Patrick Lencioni
Arnold Mindell
John Gottman

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