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By: Kismet Consulting  09-12-2011

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Kismet’s CEO, Kristine Steinberg, is trained and certified in several analytical talent solutions. These analytical tools provide data driven solutions around strategic hiring; onboarding; team creation, development and cohesion; conflict analysis and resolution; workplace relationship alignment & enhancement.


Kismet partners with to provide our clients with cutting edge, strategic talent analysis solutions. Talent Analytics' software platform produces immediate, visual insight into team and company dynamics.

Understanding how individuals and teams are equipped to perform toward goals provides an organization its greatest return in business. Talent Analytics technology allows business leaders to analyze and compare communication styles, ambitions and cultural preferences of a team, an entire department, or even an entire company. Understanding these characteristics provides exponential value in aligning talent strategy with business results. Kismet's experience and expertise, combined with Talent Analytics' solutions provides a leader with the tools to make difficult, strategic decisions. These same tools are used to preempt costly disasters and to craft approaches that will work best for the employees involved.Quote:
“The Performance Styles and Ambitions Assessment is a fantastic tool for understanding the strengths and motivations of both individuals and teams. It’s extremely practical and actionable. More so than other instruments, the outputs relate directly to team dynamics. It allows people to understand what they can expect from their colleagues on key dimensions, and also how to best leverage their fellow team members’ strengths, on issues that relate directly to core leadership behaviors.”

Performance Style and Ambitions™ assessments help businesses gain a deep understanding of how their employees and teams want to “perform” and what they hope for as a “reward.”
• They are specifically designed for use within a business environment
• They can be utilized at all levels of an organization, with any and all roles.
• They illuminate areas of strength, growth and potential to increase business results.
• Both elements of the tool are relevant and predictive when creating top performing teams.
• Questionnaires are completed in a short time -- about 25 minutes.
• Highly customized results are generated within seconds and delivered immediately.
• Reports include information on what drives a person to be successful and how they perform as they go about achieving their goals.

Myers Briggs is a personality assessment grounded in Carl Jung’s theory of psychological type. The Type system is based on 4 aspects of the personality:

-How we interact with the world and direct our energy
-How we naturally perceive or notice information
-How we make decisions
-Whether we prefer to live in a structured way (making decisions) or a more spontaneous way (taking in information)
Kristine has been certified to administering this tool since 1996.

This tool was developed in 1927 by E.K. Strong -- a researcher at Stanford University. At the foundation of this tool is Holland's RIASEC theory which looks at 6 general occupational themes that people are drawn to. The inventory provides information about your relationship to the working world. By comparing your interests with the interests of those who are happily employed, you will gain insight about possible career tracks; educational choices; and why your current job may be unsatisfying. Kristine has been administering this tool since 1996.

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We work with you to “let the job speak.”Step II: Candidates take an online assessment so we can compare the candidates’ profiles with the benchmark.Step III: Identify potential red flags by analyzing the gap between the candidate and the benchmark.


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Coach the Whole System: By coaching the whole system, rather than aspects or single events, we are able to explore the issues in their natural and holistic context.Conscious, Intentional Relationship: A vital alliance is established between Kismet and the client.


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We assist managers in the performance feedback process and help them deliver challenging information in a way that lands and empowers employees. WORKPLACE RELATIONSHIP ALIGNMENT Kismet is known for aligning and realigning critical relationships in the workplace. Our programs combine cutting edge coaching and consulting methods that yield a deepening self-awareness.