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By: Kioskpartners  09-12-2011

Multi-store Venues

Today, shopping malls and supercenters are not only getting bigger, they are also carrying more products. That's why we need a better directory system to list where products are and how to find them.

SAM can be used in multi-store venues to:

  • promote store offers
  • increase store traffic
  • optimize the shopping time of the customers
  • guide shoppers to the stores they want
  • add value to your facility by improving the customer experience

Multi-product Superstores

One of the most commonly asked questions in a superstore is "Where is it?". With huge stores and product variety, consumers are confused about where to find things even if they know exactly what they want.

SAM can be used in department stores and supermarkets to:

  • replace traditional, static catalogues that are usually outdated
  • support customer service staff
  • generate daily shopping behaviour reports
  • advertise daily offers
  • cross-sell related products

Specialty Stores

You are experts in your business and have a wide range of options for your customers. In fact, specialty stores offer so many details that some customers are confused about what is the best for them.

SAM can be used in specialty stores to:

  • direct customers to the product suitable for them
  • provide detailed product information
  • attract customers to learn more about your products.

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It's easy to use SAM, to install SAM, and eve easier to make SAM fit your needs. Have a new outlet to reach customers and to understand them.