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By: Kingston Oil  09-12-2011

Electricity deregulation allows homeowners and businesses to shop for the supply portion of their bill. The supply component of electricity is approximately 65 percent of the monthly bill. We have strong relationships with numerous independent electricity suppliers in all deregulated electricity states. These relationships enable us to secure the best possible prices and terms for our clients.We represent you rather than the supplier and are ready to choose the best option for your needs. By providing us a recent copy of your electric bill, we then contact multiple suppliers for the best pricing. Within 7-10 days we are able to provide a pricing analysis and recommendations for your energy needs.Power from the same electricity grid is still delivered from the local utility company directly to your home or business. Your local utility company still maintains the wires, and still provides service if necessary.  You save money on the electricity consumed at your home or business while enjoying price certainty. Contact us today and save!

Natural Gas Consulting

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Air Conditioning | South Shore Fuel

When the forecast turns hazy, hot and humid, nothing beats the comfort of a home cooled by central air conditioning. As New Englanders, not only do we face long, cold winters, but also sultry, humid summers. Reduce indoor humidity, mold growth, dust and pollen. Promote good health through "easy breathing.


Freeze Protection / Tank Monitoring

If the temperature in your home plunges toward freezing, your burner shuts down, or your fuel runs low, the Freeze Protection Monitor sends a silent alert signal to our office computer, which is monitored by an emergency operator 24 hours a day. This unique system provides 24-hour surveillance of the heating functions critical to comfort in your home: indoor temperature, burner operation and oil supply.


Maintenance & Repairs | South Shore Fuel

We perform regular Combustion Efficiency Tests, which measure smoke, draft, stack temperature and carbon dioxide to ensure that your oil burner is operating properly and is not wasting oil. We partner with our customers to make sure that they are well protected against breakdowns and other unpleasant "surprises" once the temperature drops. This includes service agreements that keep your heating equipment operating at peak efficiency.


Fuel Oil Delivery | South Shore Fuel

The vast majority of our customers choose to have their oil delivered to them automatically to alleviate the unnecessary anxiety that comes with the responsibility of watching their own usage. As a "contract oil buyer," we sign long-term oil supply contracts with major oil companies, including: Citgo, Exxon Mobil, Global Petroleum, Irving Oil of Canada and Gulf Oil.


Expert Installations | South Shore Fuel

We install the highest quality heating equipment available, and stay informed of new industry trends in an ongoing effort to provide top-of-the-line products to our customers. Our Engineering Department will provide you with all the information or advice you may need regarding installation of new heating equipment. Our installation mechanics have experience and expertise you can depend on.


Tank Monitoring | South Shore Fuel

This unique system provides 24-hour surveillance of the heating functions critical to comfort in your home: indoor temperature, burner operation and oil supply. We offer a reliable and inexpensive Tank Monitoring Program that can monitor your heat while you are away. It’s the best available insurance against frozen pipes, natural calamities, and occasional forgetfulness.


Services | South Shore Fuel

We feel this plan is important, not only for emergencies, but for yearly maintenance as well.. He was able to repair the problem quickly, and as always was friendly and neat. We recently had no heat, and the serviceman was at our home within 30 minutes. South Shore Fuel has provided us excellent service for years.