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By: King Stairs Software  09-12-2011

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Press Clippings

From Jeremy Wagstaff’s Loose Wire column:

The real time-saver is to keep a back-up of all the programs you are likely to want to keep using in the future, and make sure you have any serial numbers and other settings handy…If you’re stuck for a place to store all this info, I’d recommend something like Jot Notes from King Stairs Software (

Jot+ Notes helps you to get organized. It’s particularly useful for writers — each note in a Jot+ notefile can contain up to a million characters of text, more than enough for the average novel or five. The beauty of Jot+ notefiles is that the files are self-contained, which means that you can easily move them from one computer to another, via a diskette or other media. I’ve just started using the latest version 3.0. I’ve been more than happy with previous versions, and this update looks even better.

I also want to mention a shareware program called Jot+ at that keeps logs and other random data very nicely indeed.

The “Journal of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America”, in its Law Office Technology column, described how Jot+ Notes can benefit the profession.

There is another product that can help you organize and end the glut of paper. It’s called Jot+ Notes.

King Stairs Software and Jot+ Notes are discussed in an article on software developers.

Jot+ is a simple, elegantly written text database program

Jot+ Notes is in the Software Spotlight this week! The title says it all really:

Jot+ Notes makes quick work of organizing data

James Coates lists Jot+ as one of “3 Picks for Best Low-cost Software”:

If I gave five stars for great software, this one would get six stars.

Featured on the Aug 2000 cover disk as one of “Six of the Best”:

The possible applications are limitless… do yourself a favour and install Jot+. There’s nothing else like it!

Customer Comments

These are just some of the nice things people have said about Jot Cardfile and Jot+ Notes:

Again, a great product. I’ve had it for years and STILL would give up relatives (many I could name) before I’d give up my Jot+ Notes.

– Carolane C (USA) [We think she's kidding..]

I started to use Jot and liked it. It is better than Cardfile.

– W Denny (Hong Kong)

Jot looks like the answer to a prayer for me.
As I like Jot so much I want it now!!

– A Cory (UK)

I am finding JOT incredibly useful for organising projects, to-do lists, study notes, and knowledge databases on a variety of topics, and it is already making me more productive.

– M Berg (USA)

I love software possessing both a simple purpose and powerful execution. Yours is a little gem. I can’t wait to register and start using it in my work.

– M S Marshall (USA) (No relation!)

Hi there. I have looked over Jot for a few days, and am very impressed.
I have used it for a week, and already feel that it is an indespensible tool. I have tried out tons of shareware and retail programs, trying to get certain features; Jot is by far the best product.

– V Wood (Canada)

As you can tell, I am very impressed with Jot+ Notes and have recommended it as widely as I am able.

– J Coates (USA)

It has been a really handy utility.
Quite an outstanding but apparently simple piece of software.

– P Smith (UK)

I’m a dedicated fan of Jot; it’s indispensible.
By the way, Jot+ looks fantastic.
I still use Jot daily, and consider it my most essential tool!

– V Wood (Canada) (a very nice lady)

Excellent program!

– J Gunn (Canada)

I use it every day, all the time.

– A Takvam (Norway)

I wish to become one of your beta-testers as I think Jot is a GREAT product & hope it takes over the world!!!

– C Downey (USA)

Was waiting around for Billy Boy, (Bill Gates) to come up with the new card file….but you beat him to it.

– M Moore (USA)

Since I just found another significant use for Jot, it seemed a good opportunity to thank you again for the remarkable way in which you have helped me organize my teaching and research responsibilities.

– R Myhrman (USA)

I have spent multi-thousands on software that works like crap and is not supported …and this marvelous utility gets supported PERSONALLY!

– J Pennell (USA)

[Jot+] is one of the very neatest programs I’ve seen. And I’ve been working with PCs for 17 years

– R Beyer (USA)

Still feel this Jot+ is the be-all and end-all! Thank You!

– J Green (USA)

Thank you for an excellent product. I was convinced after 15 minutes of use and even more convinced after several days have elapsed.

– C Conant (USA)


These are just a handful of the awards Jot+ Notes has received over the years:

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Fiction writers can use Jot+ Notes to outline the plot, record detailed character biographies, store research materials and notes, and even write the novel/story itself. Writing of any sort generates a lot of disparate information: Research notes, character sketches, story/article ideas, outlines, bibliographies, references, and more.


King Stairs Software » Jot+ Notes for Students & Teachers

In the past, index cards and loose-leaf paper notebooks were the staple of student research, but these were limited in capacity, ease of use, and finding a particular reference or note could be difficult. Jot+ Notes is ideal for taking class notes: Put each class into a separate note, and then you can re-organize them by date, by subject, or importance.


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Writers Research notes and referencesCharacter notesPlot outlinesChapter draftsBibliography. Let Jot+ Notes help remove all of those yellow stickies cluttering your desk. Jot+ Notes has literally hundreds of uses, limited only by your imagination. Lawyers Case notesClient recordsCall logsResearch notesCase citations.


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Jot+ Notes includes support for plugins, which are separate modules that can be loaded by Jot+ Notes to add new commands to the Jot+ Notes user interface. Advanced printing options includes multiple column output, new column/page between notes, choice of fonts, configurable note spacing. These new commands can be added to toolbars and have shortcut keys assigned to them just like Jot+ Notes‘own built-in commands.


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King Stairs Software produces a variety of shareware and freeware software for the Windows platform. A simple tool for XML and XSLT.


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To receive news automatically about Jot+ Notes, subscribe to the King Stairs Software announcements mailing list. Professionals in all fields, major corporations, government offices, financial institutions, IT departments. If I gave five stars for great software, this one would get six stars. Jot+ Notes has many top awards – here are just a few. King Stairs Software» Jot+ Notes.