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By: Kimind Consulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: Social Networking, Cloud Computing

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There are a myriad of new collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing technologies and concepts that have emerged or crystallized in recent years. Navigating this new universe isn’t easy, making the right choices even less so.  Solutions with enterprise robustness and reliability is one key,  – but implementing solutions with the ability to quickly evolve and adapt to rapidly changing business requirements is also crucial.  Making the right compromise, adopting agile methodologies of design, implementation and deployment, is the keystone of the new ways of building solutions, whether it be for intranet, extranet or the Internet.

Kimind’s second mission is, therefore, to help companies build their new computing solutions based on these new concepts, choosing the right solution building blocks to meeting evolving business needs and goals, and customizing and developing specific additional components and integrating all this information to the existing enterprise systems. Kimind brings a range of capabilities both in the cost of the solution and implementation methodologies to bring our clients the best cost/quality ration available today.  Kimind also offers a choice of solutions that are demonstrably 5-to-10 times less expensive than traditional solutions.  Our high performance development teams deliver robust, high quality solutions implementations with lower overall cost.

Kimind’s project managers play a fundamental role in this process, working hand in hand with the company and coordinating the work and the delivery of development teams, using Kimind’s agile methodology . Kimind offers a variety of engagement models to suite your business needs and objectives.

Product Services Include:

  • Assisting in the selection of Web 2.0  tools within a very fragmented market where sustainability of companies is not always guaranteed.  We’ll help you identify not only the right tool set for your organization, but provide an objective assessment of market sources.
  • Deploying a customized collaborative intranet to enable a productive infrastructure to support collaborative work.
  • Changing an existing offer to a participatory service or “user-generated content” one to establish a new close relationship with its users
  • Assembling project teams and developing turnkey 2.0 websites from either existing platforms, or specific, new developments
  • Setting up and developing a strategy with hybrid offshore teams whose project managers are in the West and development teams in China.
  • Hosting and developing applications in cloud computing environments ,whether it be Amazon AWS S3/EC2 (we use it for many customers) or new Google App Engine to take advantage of the firepower of Google and of its integration with Google Apps.

Kimind offers a variety of engagement models to suit your business needs and objectives.

Kimind’s areas of expertise and service offerings are describe in more detail in the pages below.

Web 2.0 applications development

Kimind has developed many Web 2.0 services, both for U.S. startups  as well as for large accounts. Effective user participation is crucial in any new online service, and is based on a number of fundamental business and operational as well as technology concepts that must be incorporated in the early stages of implementation. Our teams are trained in both the design of effective user adoption strategies and technology  and the implementation of Enterprise 2.0 collaboration applications.

Google Apps

Google Apps is now a fully enterprise-ready set of cloud-based solution for messaging and collaborative options companies.   Google Apps provides an opportunity for radical cost reduction and productive change in working habits.

Cloud Computing – Hosting and Development

IPhone and Android applications

The revolution of the iPhone has changed the market for mobile applications and web services. Both real business applications or marketing tools, applications made for the iPhone, and now for Google Android, are necessities to make mobile usage. Kimind has developed a competence center dedicated to these types of applications.

Strategic partnerships

Kimind has strategic partnerships with several key players in the collaboration solution area:

Google: Kimind is Google Apps Authorized Reseller, and thus is helping many companies, from SMEs to large-accounts, to migrate, deploy, integrate and adopt Google Apps.  Radically innovative in office automation, messaging system and collaborative solutions, Google Apps is a paradigm shift that enables smooth flow of information and breaks many barriers in the workplace that prevent its employees from taking fully from their own capacities.

Socialtext: Probably, now, the best corporate wiki . Especially since the integration of SocialTextDesktop, a kind of integrated twitter-like that makes possible the most effective collaborative experience. 

XWiki: The best and most comprehensive open source platform today. A true modern development environment based on principles of collaborative wikis but goes well beyond.  XWiki allows the creation of new modern collaborative, participatory applications.

PersonAll: The most extensible corporate portal solution , interfaced with both the traditional bricks-IS and new bricks 2.0

BlueKiwi: French social networking company, blueKiwi is experiencing a strong wordlwide growth and is taking a prime position in the global offer. Ideal for creating communities and make employees seriously blog .

Reference example

A US company based in Los Angeles, specializing in risk management in the construction sector with locations worldwide, has implemented an internal evaluation of its employees and its subcontractors by an examination system in line-based QCM. The idea of making a true Internet service open to all, in a participatory business model targeted at both the public and large organizations has emerged following a meeting with Kimind’s consultants.

Kimind has then been given the task of designing a service from the original idea and of building from A to Z the product corresponding to its specification to its market launch, from the course by achieving full service Internet.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Social Networking

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