Executive Resume Writing, Personal Branding and Job Search Coaching for CIOs CTOs, and Senior Technology Executives

By: Kim Batson  09-12-2011
Keywords: job search, Career Management, Personal Branding

Laser-focused, action-oriented packages to help you position and prepare for a successful job search campaign at the VP and C-Suite levels.

Packages include: Personal Branding, Senior Executive Resumes, Cover Letters, Career Biographies, Leadership Addendums, Job Search Strategies, Resources and Support, Social Media Strategies, Interviewing Techniques and Interview Presentation Materials, Salary Negotiation Coaching for Higher Compensation, Senior Executive Recruiter and Resume Distribution Resources, Career Management Coaching, etc.

In short, all you need to successfully secure your next executive job!

Personal Branding: Positioning in today's marketplace is essential. This package was the market's first exclusively designed for the unique needs of the CIO and the Senior Technology Executive. Uncover and articulate your executive brand to attract the attention of executive recruiters and your target company, express your unique promise of value and powerfully demonstrate why you are the ideal executive for the position you desire.

Senior Executive Resume Documents: Professionally-written career documents are the mark of the consummate executive. With masterful expertise, we will present you with the ultimate in C-Suite level Executive Resume documents, Cover Letters, Executive Biographies, Leadership Addendums, etc. to open doors and make your best impression. Preferred by Executive Recruiters and Boards of Directors.

The Wow! Job Search Package: (as described by recent client). Not sure where to start to launch your job search? Confused by the new rules of the game? Receive all the guidance you need to be successful in this new marketplace. This package includes strategies, techniques, and resources to uncover companies, leads and opportunities that your competition doesn't know about - where 80% of executive opportunities are! Plus, you'll gain extensive knowledge and resources to gain the attention of Executive Recruiters, the role of Web 2.0 and Social Media in a job search, how to Network Naturally so that your network works for you, where and how to get your Executive Resume in front of the right people, a step-by-step structured Job Search Plan and much, much more. No wonder it's called the Wow! Package. We recommend that you don't leave home without it!

Job Search Support: Once you've launched, wouldn't it be nice to have a partner beside you to guide, advise, support and encourage you as you search and secure the position you desire? Adding Job Search Support to your package will allow you to do just that.

Customized Executive "WinTheView" Interview Package: Combine customized interview coaching, technique, style and presentation materials for your powerful message. Do what 90% of your competition won't do and find yourself securing the offer! Package available in Platinum and Retainer packages.

Salary Negotiations: You've got the offer! Now you want to negotiate for the best compensation you can. Tap into the wisdom we offer on how to negotiate for the salary and compensation you deserve and come away with thousands more than you might have!

Executive Retainer Package - When you want "the works" and simply make life easier! For the ultimate in job search / career acceleration, engage Kim Batson on retainer as you pursue the position you desire. A Coach-by-your-side for CIO's and Senior Technology Executives."Never underestimate the power of momentum!"

By popular demand!

The Career Management Package

is available to all current or former clients. Build on your overall success, gain the edge in your company, move up to the next level, or make your best impression in the first 90 days in your new job, be all that you can be at work, keep your resume current, updated, and outstanding. Strengthen your career with ongoing career management coaching today.

Is this service for you?

  • Searching for a new CIO or Senior Technology Executive position?
  • Need to update your Executive Resume documents to powerfully articulate your value and open doors?
  • Desire to be better positioned within your current company?
  • Want to partner with someone who understands your unique executive position in technology and the marketplace trends?
  • Prefer to be sought out for the best opportunities?
  • Seeking to be differentiated with an executive brand?
  • Want to make the strongest impression you can for the C-suite?
  • Silver, Gold, Platinum and Retainer packages available, request a free consultation to determine which package is right for you.

This is an elite, high-level service designed to:

  • Offer personalized, customized service exclusively to CIO's and Senior Technology Executives preparing for job search or company promotion
  • Provide expert, insider-knowledge and specialization pertinent to a CIO, CTO, or other Senior Technology Executive, to quickly open doors in the marketplace
  • Provide full-service from personal branding and resume / portfolio writing to the latest in executive job search techniques / resources and support to execute effectively on a job search plan.

Our clients tell us that they realize:

  • Almost immediate payback
  • Extraordinary time-to-value
  • Outstanding ROI - that doesn't end with an exciting new job, but reaps rewards for years to come! Request a free consultation to understand the outstanding return-on-your-investment.

"Best money I ever spent!" CTO, IL


You make executive decisions every day - make one now for your career: contact us today!

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Keywords: Career Management, job search, Personal Branding